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The ABC's of the Itty Bitty Bella Book Selection

Feb 18, 2014 | By Missy Daniel
C. S. Lewis once said: 

“I can’t imagine a man enjoying a book and then only read it once...”

We couldn’t agree more! Books are meant to be read so many times you can nearly recite it by memory. Don’t we all love the spark we see in the eyes of a child when they sit down to read their favorite book? Or the excitement that springs from their mouths when they know the words on the next page before it has even been read to them? We are passionate about providing tales that can last a lifetime, stories that live on in the hearts of children and never get old. So with that in mind, we’d love to share with you just what adventurous stories we have to offer on our bookshelves...

One Stop Shop to Build Your Collection

Dr. Seuss 

dr seuss books

The Cat in the Hat, the first of 44 Dr. Seuss books, was published over 50 years ago but that lovable, fun-filled cat is still relevant to the hearts of many itty bitties today. We are proud to carry several of the timeless treasures written by the beloved Dr. Seuss. From learning to read to practicing their colors and numbers, generations of little ones have giggled (and grown!) with every page.

Fancy Nancy

Author, Jane O’Connor, writes about a larger-then-life mini-fashionista in her adorable assortment of Fancy Nancy books. With over 50 stories in this collection, we guarantee that your little diva will be swept away by miss Nancy’s adventures…and her radiant ruby slippers of course!

Llama Llama

llama llama books

How can you resist a little llama that loves his mama? Whether he is learning to share, home with mama or wearing his red pajamas, your family will wish to compile every copy in this collection. With ear catching rhymes and funny story lines, these tales are sure to become a family favorite. 

Not Just a One Hit Wonder, But Must Have Classics

Where The Wild Things Are

where the wild things are

Having sold over 19 million copies, this vintage tale of a boy and his fantasy is an essential for any family bookshelf. Story time will jump to new heights of imagination as you recite the journey Max takes into the jungle and encounters with the beast, best known as the ‘Wild Things’. At Itty Bitty Bella we love the magic found in the imagination of a child, and this book soars to the top of our list!

The Giving Tree

First published in 1964, this sweet story may seem simple at first glance, but there are so many little nuggets of life lessons that a child (and mommy and daddy) can glean from it’s pages. Teaching your itty bitties about loving nature and having gratitude for the blessings life brings…well, you just can’t put a price on that!

Join Our Book Punch Card Club!

After hearing all about the fabulous book selection we carry, we know you are chopping at the bit to get to the store and snag your itty bitty some new literature. And since we love to encourage family ready moments, we want to offer you a nifty little punch card that will reward you with 1 FREE book

The rules are simple: buy 10 books, get 1 book FREE! Come by and see us at Itty Bitty Bella and pick up your very own Book Punch Card.

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” – Maya Angelou

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella 

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Christmas Clutter Contained

Jan 02, 2014 | By Ashley Konsowitz

Beep. Vrooom! Ding. Whoosh...goes the sounds of all your little one's new Christmas favorites, as they zip across your game room or kitchen floor. We know that Christmas fun is still very much under way at your busy abode!

Now that Santa has come and gone and all the presents have been unwrapped, do you find yourself wondering where all the new toys and trinkets are going to go? When it comes time to clean up the living room Lego world or the bedroom tea party, how will you ever find all of these new items a home? Not to worry, here is a look at some of our favorite organizers for you and your little ones. 

3 Sprouts Storage Bin

hippo storage bin

Whether it's action figures, games, stuffed animals, trucks, or blocks, these handy storage bins by 3 Sprouts are ready to hold whatever loot you need. With their sturdy canvas structure and cute, whimsical animal image, they make for ideal organizers to display in your child's bedroom or game room. However, they are small enough and easily totable should you need to store them away in a closet or under a large desk. 

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy

If only toys just stayed in bedrooms or play rooms! But as any parent knows, they manage to take over the bathroom, car, and probably grandma's house too. For these locations, the 3 Sprouts caddy makes for an excellent organizer option. The perfect, compact carrier to fit in between car seats or inside your bathroom closet. This fun caddy is ready to hold your child's favorite bath-time trinkets as well as their car-time coloring book and crayon set. 

Clear the Clutter

animal storage bins

Small enough to be stored out-of-sight, but cute enough to brighten up your kid-friendly spaces, let 3 Sprouts go to work for you! And don't stress about where all the fun is going to be stored. Let these adorable storage bins and caddies tidy up your home with a simple one-step set up.

Oh the joys of organizing the kiddos!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Top 10 Toy Ideas

Dec 16, 2013 | By Ashley Konsowitz

Stuck on that last present for your toddler, or can't figure out what to let your baby rip open Christmas morning? Itty Bitty is full of wonderful toys that are just waiting to be wrapped up for your little ones.

 From teethers and tickle monsters to games and gadgets, we have something in store for kids of all ages. Here's a look at our Top 10 Gift Ideas for Santa to drop off.

1. Sophie the Giraffe 

Sophie The Giraffe Teether

Made of 100% natural rubber, Sophie the Giraffe is both soft and flexible, making her the perfect teether for your growing baby. This easy to grip necessity is also a squeaker for newborns, and is great for stimulating their hearing and keeping them amused. 

2. Hape Pound & Tap Bench

Hape Pound and Tap Bench

This traditional children's toy is a classic for a reason, kid's love it! Great for helping along their motor skills and further developing their senses, you can't go wrong with this fun and colorful, multi-functional favorite!

3. Skip Hop Hug & Hide Toys

Skip Hop Hug and Hide

These loveable activity toys are too cute for little ones to pass up, and with ten developmental activities for your child to enjoy, you will love them to! Choose from lamb, owl, or monkey and give your child not only a play toy but a learning one as well!

4. Manhattan Toy

Manhattan Toy Beads

Made with wooden beads on an elastic band, this unique strand can be endlessly configured to keep your little one endlessly occupied. Plus, your child is certain to be captivated by all those bright colors! 

5. Jellycat Cordy Stuffed Animals

Jellycat Cordy Stuffed Animals

Sure to become your child's next beloved stuffed animal, this adorable, quirky creature is a delight for all ages! Sophisticated, soft, and perfect for cuddling, you won't find anything more durable and plush for your little one to tote around. 

6. Hape Rocking Horse

Hape Rocking Horse

What better time to give your child this classic toy, that every boy or girl should enjoy, than at Christmas! Small enough to easily store away, yet big enough to provide hours of entertainment, this beloved toy also doubles as a great way to teach your young one balance!

7. Tickle Monster Book Kit

Tickle Monster Book Kit

A book your children will want to read over and over, this delightful story follows a loveable monster from Plant Tickle, who is determined to bring happiness and laughter to all children. Get ready to read aloud and enjoy the fun this gem brings, as you tickle your little tot and watch them squeal with love and laughter.

8. Eeboo Toolbox Matching Game

Hape Toolbox Matching Game

Let your child challenge you to a modern version of an old favorite, with this unique game of memory. A great activity for your whole family, this matching game is also great for teaching your child memorization and recognition skills. 

9. Automoblox

Automoblox Car

A must-have item for families on the go! These tiny toys are ideal for car rides and afternoons spent visiting the grandparents. With lots of interchangeable parts, including wheels and rims, keeping your child occupied and creative has never been easier.

10. Hape Gourmet Kitchen

Hape Gourmet Kitchen

Want your kiddos to help out in the kitchen one day? Give them a love for the culinary world now, with this fun gourmet kitchen. Plus, what child doesn't want to be like mom and dad, and with this miniature model they can be just like you!  

Merry Christmas! 

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Our Top Kid Friendly Local Attractions

Aug 23, 2013 | By Lindsey Brown

This week, the staff put together a few of our favorite local attractions that we really enjoy with our children. They are great for you when you just want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, and also for when your itty bitty needs some wide open spaces to roam. We hope you find these to be helpful as you plan your next outing!

My Big Backyard

My Big Backyard Yard

This super fun place is where your little one can run wild. Built with jumping, splashing, and discovering in mind, it's simply a place that you and your energetic one will really enjoy while being outdoors. With 16 different themed areas, if offers something for everyone of all ages. There are catfish ponds, picnic areas and a whole "world" to explore.

Sting Ray Bay

Memphis Zoo

Who doesn't love a good trip to the zoo? And it just so happens, our Memphis Zoo is ranked top zoo in the country and is the city's highest attended attraction. With over 25 different exhibits, animal feedings, monthly special events, private events and unforgettable birthday party fun, you're sure to keep going back to again and again!


Kid's Play of Memphis

Located in the heart of Germantown, your little one can make a craft in the morning and then jump as long as they want! With mom in mind, they even have a coffee bar and snacks to refuel. Once it's time to celebrate their special day, they will host your party complete with fun activities & pizza. You just bring the cake. Guaranteed fun for all!


Children's Museum of Memphis

An entire museum with over 20,000 square feet filled with educational exhibits, water play and dress up fun all for your little one! Your child will have a blast roaming and learning, while also taking in a little Memphis history. Catch story time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon, and then checkout the current traveling exhibit, Grossology.

Story Time at IBB

We recently had a book sing-a-long that some of our customers' children really enjoyed. With our new collection of children's classics and other favorites filling the store, we want to keep this going and encourage the love of books and reading. Keep an eye on your email, and we will update you when we plan our next one! See the reading of Animals in the Zoo.

Have fun!
-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella
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