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Soak Up the Sun!

May 10, 2013 | By Brittany Johnson

We don't know about you, but just adore summer. With longer days full of sunshine and vacation, it's the time of year that backyard celebrations and activities reign above all else. We hope you have plans to soak up as much sunshine as possible this year, and we're here to help you come up with a few out-of-the-box activities that the family can enjoy outside. Hey, these games might even be considered beneficial to your child's development... sounds like a winner to us!

Our Favorite Backyard Activities

Backyard activities
Image courtesy of Simple Kids

1. A backyard birthday celebration- Throw out all of those old birthday party ideas, because this camping themed party is sure to be a success. Featuring fun activities that bring the fun of camping into your backyard, we just adore the idea of this kind of unique summer celebration!

2. Obstacles for entertainment- The adventure of an obstacle course is a great way to keep the kids active and engaged this summer. Thanks to this list, you'll probably even have most of the items on hand, making it both entertaining and incredibly convenient to create.

3. Digging for dinosaurs- Did somebody say adventure? Engage your little one's imagination with a real-life dinosaur dig. All you need is a few supplies and you'll be on your way to excavating a few fantastic treasures (and a whole lot of fun)!

4. Outdoor fun for the littlest ones- Give your toddlers the thrill of outdoor entertainment with these fun games that help develop their sensory skills. With simple supplies found right at home, these activities will surely keep them entertained for hours.

5. The wonder of color, summer style- When the weather is warm, nothing says outdoor fun like some water balloon play. When you add color mixing to that activity, you've got the makings of one educational and entertaining summer activity. What more could you ask for?

Let the backyard fun begin!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Our Favorites: Family Game Night

Apr 15, 2013 | By Brittany Johnson

It's the story of our lives. We are busy with work, school, little league, church... the list goes on and on. We're so busy that we often don't take the time to enjoy the most important things in life-- each other. The bonds within a family go beyond the fulfillment of any career or extra-curricular activity though, so we're here to encourage you to plan a night to focus on the family and, of course, have some fun!

board game image

Image courtesy of Christmas Unwrapped blog

Our Favorite Family Game Night Ideas

1. Become bilingual: Choose a game that enables your children (and yourself) to practice a new language. Who says learning can't be fun?

2. Get the creative juices flowing: This unique game encourages all family members to write a story by building on the ideas of others.

3. Think you've run out of ideas?: Here's a list of over 100 entertaining family home activities. We think it will take you a while to get through all of these, which means there won't be a dull moment in your house anytime soon.

4. A-B-C, easy as 1-2-3: Another opportunity to brush up your children's school lessons, this game is fun for kids of all ages, as it requires both skill and strategy.

5. Playtime in the great outdoors, or indoors: Whether you choose to do your family bonding within the comfort of your home or not, realize the significant impact that a little time spent together can have on you, your spouse and the itty bitties.

Happy bonding!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Top Toys for the Little Man

Apr 05, 2013 | By Brittany Johnson

Keeping an itty bitty entertained is a challenge. Keeping an itty bitty, little man occupied is a true feat! With so many energy and the ability to keep it for hours on end, it can be a daunting task to entertain your little boy. We had a feeling that you might be looking for a few good toys to not only busy him, but help him learn and develop, so we compiled a list of our five favorite toys for your favorite boys. Move over, G.I. Joe-- this collection of must-have playtime accessories is just what the mama ordered!

Top 5 Toys for Boys

5. Concrete Mixer or Helicopter Magnamobiles

Magnamobiles Helicopter

Who says creativity is for the girls? These wooden automobiles give your guy a chance to put his design skills to use, moving and shifting each magnetic shape to create the perfect truck or helicopter for all of his adventures. The magnetic pieces connect and move easily, so there's never a dull moment and he can build each piece all by himself.

4. Robots or Pirates Magnetic Figure Set

Robots Magnetic Figures

Ahoy, matey! Give your itty bitty an excuse to venture to a faraway land with this magnetic figure set. Featuring cutout figures in the shape of everything from robots to pirates and a variety of background settings, he'll love every minute of pairing pieces together to create the perfect scene in his own imaginative adventure.

3. Little Copter and Dump Truck

Little Dump Truck 

This pint-sized helicopter and dump truck were created for the littlest of men, bringing creativity and motor skill enhancement into playtime. The wooden pieces are not only perfect for encouraging him to tell his own story, but they'll improve his coordination, balance and physical strength, too. Start the adventures at an early age-- this toy is great for infants as young as 10 months old!

2. Nesting Blocks

Nesting Blocks 

Created from basic cardboard, this set of blocks is a great way to teach the boys their ABC's and 1-2-3's during playtime. As durable as they are fun, the blocks combine the bright colors and shapes of modern art with the necessary skills that every Mommy and Daddy strive to teach their child. Better yet, they are printed with vegetable-based inks to ensure ultimate safety and health for everyone involved!

1. Tegu Blocks and Wheels 

Tegu Blocks- Nelson 

Tegu Wheels

With a set of these blocks and wheels, your little buddy will stay busy for hours on end. The colors and shapes make for an eye-catching collection of supplies perfect for building whatever his little heart desires, and with magnetic attachments on each piece, constructing the machine of his dreams has never been easier (or more fun)! 

Nothing says playtime like the ability to entertain and challenge your child's cognitive development all at once. If things are a little too quiet, don't worry. He's probably just busy with his brand new toys!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Playtime Favorites for the Princess

Mar 08, 2013 | By Brittany Johnson

As your little girl grows, you'll find it more and more imperative that the toys that keep her entertained are quality products designed to do more than just keeping her busy for a few minutes. We know she'll always love that baby doll, but eventually you'll probably find the need for additional toys to add to the collection. The truth is, we live in a world full of toys that may not actually bring value to your child's development, but never fear- that's why we're here! Itty Bitty Bella has a fabulous collection of playtime supplies to keep your princess entertained without sacrificing important skills to develop her motor abilities, creativity and imagination. 

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... allow us to introduce you to our top 5 toys for the lovely little ladies in your life!

Top 5 Toys for Girls

5. Tegu Magnetic Blocks-Tints

Tegu Blocks 

Inspire the mind of your sweet girl with this set of fun and colorful wooden blocks. With a variety of shapes and sizes in each set, these are sure to help develop a vivid imagination, unleashing creativity and giving your child the pride of constructing her very own masterpiece. Best of all, each block is made of natural materials and supports sustainability of our environment. 

4. Automoblox Mini Sports Car

Automoblox Sports Car 

Who says race cars are just for boys? This wooden mini car is perfect for giving your gal lots of fun adventures. Created from wood and complete with a universal connector system, itty bitties will be challenged to create their own version of race car that is sure to keep them occupied mile after mile.

3. Wooden Magnetic Shapes-Sweet Treats

Wooden Magnetic Shapes 

Channel your sweetheart's domestic side with these magnetic sweet treats. She'll love playing kitchen or bakery while arranging these toys on any simple surface (think refrigerator), and with over thirty magnets in each set, she won't be saying "I'm bored" anytime soon.

2. Hug & Hide Lamb Activity Toy

Lamb Hug & Hide 

Need something to keep your littlest princess occupied? This toy is perfect for baby, featuring 10 developmental activities within it's compact size. She'll love the sweet lamb shape, the plush texture and the variety of activities within this sweet lamb. It will take her from nap time to playtime with ease and lots of fun!

1. Fairytale Spinner Game

Fairytale Spinner Game

Give your child the gift of a board game that inspires their imagination and competitive spirit! This game make family game night even more fun thanks to its fun characters and fairytale theme. She'll be able to create her own story with each turn, choosing everything from setting to characters for each scene. 

Why not enjoy a little play time with your princess? We're certain that you'll make a memory or two!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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