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Itty Bitty Story Time

Feb 19, 2013 | By Brittany Johnson

From the time your little one makes their big debut, your number one goal is to keep them content. From late night feedings to playing peek-a-boo, their happiness is the most important thing in your world.  As your itty bitty's little mind grows and develops, there's no better way to keep them intrigued and entertained than through some quality reading time, ensuring that the necessity of stimulating their mental growth and development is covered. Itty Bitty Bella has just the collection of story time supplies that every parent seeks for their child, and we're happy to share a few of our favorites with you.

The Mommy Hugs and Daddy Kisses books feature the sweet scenes of mommy and daddy animals with their babies. The hard construction is perfect for the enjoyment of your tiniest tots, and the bright colors will have even infants stimulated while they listen to you read.

Mommy Loves celebrates the unique and special ways that moms show their babies love. Also featuring illustrations of various animals and a hard cover construction, this book is the perfect addition to your reading collection.

If one book at a time just won't do, give this three book set a try. Including stories of wonder featuring sweet animal characters, this boxed set is a best seller for your itty bitties and is sure to keep them intrigued and entertained. As if this weren't enough, Itty Bitty Bella even has a wide variety of classic books to share with your sweet little minds-- we always loved the Ugly Duckling and have it (and other favorites) on our shelves, too!

It's never been easier to get your little one to sit still and use their imagination. A fantastic collection of new books, as well as the old classics that you grew up on makes it easier than ever to share the power of a good book with your child at an early age. After all, reading is power!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Plush Pages for the Littlest Minds

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Plush Pages for the Littlest Minds

Jan 03, 2013 | By Brittany Johnson

Christmas has come and gone, and your child's toy collection has expanded. The dolls and blocks are great, but what if you could add value to the toy box and begin stimulating your child's mind even while he's still an infant? The good folks at Jellycat who developed the plush toys that you've come to know and love also see the importance in early learning development. They've made it easier than ever for your child to learn, grow and play all at once with the latest in their collection of fun and practical toys: the soft activity book.

Plush and perfect for the tiniest fingers and faces, this book packs pages of fun with fold out images and mind-stimulating colors and shapes. Eye catching enough to keep the interest of your always curious itty bitty, this book provides endless entertainment thanks to its varied textures and bold images on every soft page. With stories about your child's favorite soft animals, they'll love to stretch their imagination and escape into their very own book, just like you do!

The value of books is immeasurable, so why not start early with your own children? In a few years, they'll be begging you to read a story and before too long, they'll even be reading it to you!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Bye, Bye, Toy Mess!

Dec 29, 2012 | By Brittany Johnson

You love when the kids are entertained, and goodness knows they have enough toys to keep them occupied for days on end. But when the playtime stops and it's time to move on, don't you just dread talking them into cleaning up the mess they've made? And when life gets busy (undoubtedly) and there isn't time to do anything but throw the toys in the closet before the in-laws arrive, don't you just dream of having the toys organized and perfectly fit into their designated spot? This dream can now become a reality, and all it requires is a bit of creativity, a little effort and a few simple supplies. We've even collected some go-to ideas that we think are super helpful for getting rid of the toy mess for good! 

Toy Organization Made Simple

Image courtesy of South Shore Mamas

Keep it in the bucket : Galvanized buckets make the perfect place for storing outdoor toys. From balls to sand and baseball bats, their favorite things will be organized and looking stylish in this metallic bins. Throw on a chalkboard-style label and cleaning up after playtime is a breeze!

Simple, see-through storage: Clear plastic bins are the perfect way to keep your child aware of what goes where. When it's time to play, they'll find exactly what they want by peeking into the see-through container, and when play time ends, make a game out of finding the bin that is the perfect fit for the lost toy!

No more day tripping: If your little one's toys seem to be causing an obstacle as you walk through the room, this is just the trick for you. Magnetic knife strips mounted onto the wall create the perfect storage spot for the entire toy car collection.

It's the little things: In addition to finding shelves and bins for the big things, it's important to keep your smaller items under control, too. These tips for keeping puzzles and the pieces in place will eliminate lots of clutter and mess from your busy life in no time.

Let the play time begin, and the messiness end!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Stuff Their Stockings!

Dec 20, 2012 | By Brittany Johnson

Santa has just about completed his toy-making duties and is preparing for his arrival on Christmas Eve night. But one task remains- filling the stockings of your precious girls and boys! In anticipation of keeping those stockings stuffed to the brim with goodies your itty bitty will adore, we've compiled a few of our favorite things. We're here to help Santa get those stockings taken care of in no time. 

Better yet, when you send Santa in this week, Thursday-Saturday, we'll give him 15% off our favorite stocking stuffers, listed below. What a deal, huh?

Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers

10. Sterling silver and pearl children's jewelry

Dress up your little gal in the luxury of silver and pearls with our line of cute children's jewelry. It's never too early to get a solid accessory collection started. The fashionista within her will thank you!

9. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe 

Always a favorite during teething time, Sophie the Giraffe is the perfect toy for your growing itty bitty. We'd say it's a safe bet that they won't put her down when those little chompers start growing in!

8. Chewbead Bracelets and Necklaces

The days of your little one grabbing onto your jewelry and chewing don't have to last for one second longer. Give them jewelry that's OK to chew on with our collection of colorful, funky bracelets and necklaces that are super stylish, yet still soft enough for baby's sore gums.

7. Bebe au Lait Lille Throw Blankies

Throw Blanket 

Soft, plush and perfect for naptime, these blankies will become your itty bitty's go-to nap buddy (and might even entice them to sleep a little more)! The cozy material is both practical and stylish, adding an element of comfort to the nursery or on the go.

6. Jelly Cat Soft Activity Books

It's never too early to show your little one the importance of books! These soft books are perfect for your baby and provide entertainment with the colors, sounds and shapes within each one.

5. Angel Dear Lovie Blankets

Always a favorite, these plush blankets are perfect for nap time or night time snuggles. Available in a variety of sweet animal shapes, your itty bitty will adopt them as a have-to-hug companion in no time.

4. Chalkboard Mats

Chalkboard Mat

Encourage your child's creativity on the go with this innovative chalkboard mat. They can draw and color without the mess of markers, and with a few swipes of the eraser, they have a clean slate, ready for more artwork. It's a necessity for long drives during the holidays!

3. Flash Card Rings

Flash Card Rings

Keep learning fun, at home and elsewhere with these flash card sets. Encourage learning of numbers, letters and words and keep the kids entertained all the way to grandma's house for Christmas dinner. They'll thank you one day for enhancing their learning at an early age and making it extra fun at that!

2. Sugarboogers Sippy Cup

Super durable meets incredibly cute to create the ideal sippy cup for all of your errands and travels. This durable plastic cup features an easy-to-drink-from spout and handles to keep your child's little hands gripped in every circumstance. They won't be losing their drink with this guy, and they'll love the cute patterns printed on each one!

1. Hair Accessories

Nothing finishes an outfit quite like a good hair accessory. From headbands to clips and everything in between, we have the cutest, most fabulous pieces for your little lady's mane, featuring cute owl shapes, traditional bows and tons of bright colors!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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