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Outfitting Their Room With Style

Jun 13, 2013 | By
There are so many things to plan for before your little one arrives, and one of the most exciting has to be decorating the nursery! When you finally find out blue or pink, you immediately start thinking about how you want it to look and feel, yet all the decisions can be so overwhelming. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about decorating and want to introduce you to some of our fantastic lines of bedding and decorative accessories – New Arrivals & Annette Tatum.

New Arrivals Baby Bedding & Accessories

In a mom's desperate attempt to dress up the typical blue box of baby wipes, a go-to source for high quality, stylish bedding and accessories was born. The bedding sets in the New Arrivals collection of looks make it easier than ever to outfit a nursery with all of the bedtime necessities. 

New Arrivals Willow
Willow Baby Bedding

You'll find everything from crib sheets to bumpers and bed skirts, all designed with soft style and incredible comfort as the top priority. If you so happen to be one that likes the unexpected, don't worry! They also have several neutral design schemes to choose from so that you can be surprised with the gender of your sweet angel.

New Arrivals Lavender Fields
Lavender Fields Forever Bedding Set

And when your little one isn't so little anymore, they even have have an array of bedding styles from classic to contemporary that work all the way up to school aged children. Outfit their room with any of the stylish accessories from cottage shelves and vintage wall signs to rugs and window treatments. It's simply a one stop shop!

Annette Tatum

With brand new life on the way or the start of a new chapter, you have the opportunity to create a space that is a reflection of you. Annette Tatum feels your home "should be a layering of your style, your memories and your personality". What better place to start new and fun memories than your sweet baby's nursery or even your son's college dorm room? 

Annette Tatum Hiat
Brocade Khaki With Whisper Crib Set

Whether you gravitate to timeless patterns, classic seersucker, crisp neutrals or bold prints, the many collections you find at Annette Tatum offer something for everyone. And with only premier fabrics in mind, they help create a peaceful space for your little ones (or big ones!) to drift off to dream.

Annette Tatum Brick Whisper
Brick Whisper Duvet

A Design Tip...From Annette Tatum

About Annette Tatum

Stop by and and let us help you find your style!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Baby's First Artistic Piece

May 13, 2013 | By

When the mobile was created, it was intended to provide a focal point for baby to aid in his sensory growth and development, as well as soothe him to sleep. If that mobile is stylish, it also has the ability to make a major style statement in the nursery. When seeking out our pick for the most unique and eye-catching mobile for baby, it didn't take us long to decide that the Bla Bla Mobile is the whole package!

Bla Bla mobile

Handmade With Variety

Bla Bla mobiles feature a fun and whimsical, nature-inspired style to create the perfect unique accent for your little's crib. With a variety of colors and animal themes available, we dare you to try to resist the eclectic style of these cloth covered statement pieces. As you know, we have an affinity for birds, and think the pink and blue bird mobiles are just adorable! Looking for something more gender neutral? Bla Bla has that covered, too. Each one is handmade, making that mobile just as unique as the babe that will sleep beneath it. Whatever your nursery theme, you're sure to find the right look to add a little bit of funky fun and a fantastic focal point for baby.

Bla Bla Mobile

Why settle for anything less than one-of-a-kind when it comes to your nursery needs? After all, shouldn't baby's first form of entertainment be as stylish as it is visually stimulating?

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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DesignerTips-Create the Perfect Nursery

Crib Crazy

Patterns for Nursery Pizzazz

Feb 27, 2013 | By
When planning a nursery, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the options. To go traditional in colors, or not? To keep it neutral, or not? The list of to-do's and options is never-ending. To help you simplify, we'd like to suggest taking advantage of one of the latest, greatest trends in general home decor and apply it to your itty bitty's bedroom. The addition of a powerful pattern (or two) has the ability to transform the mood of a room, bringing new life and energy into even the most simple design scheme. Why would you celebrate the miracle of a new life in any other way? 

The task of picking the right pattern can often be daunting in itself, so we've collected some go-to ideas for bringing a little extra pizzazz into baby's new space. Allow us to introduce you to our favorite collection of perfect patterns!

Our Favorite Patterns for the Nursery

Image courtesy of Decoist

1. Pops of Color, Added Texture: The power of patterns is undeniable, and this collection of nurseries will give all the inspiration you need to create your desired look with lots of "pow". 
2. Patterns, Patterns and More Patterns:The amount of variety and options within the pattern world is truly endless, and this is a fantastic place to start for inspiration on creating the perfect patterned look in your nursery.
3. Polka Dots, Please: They're all the rage on the runway, so why not add them to your home, too? Polka dots add a sweet and whimsical touch to bedding, furniture and walls and are oh-so easy to implement.
4. The Perfect Dose of Print: Still on the fence about getting pattern-crazy? These small doses of print will add just the right touch of character without overpowering the look of the room. 

Your baby is one-of-a-kind, so wouldn't it only make sense to give him or her a room that says so? 

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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DesignerTips- Create the Perfect Nursery

Feb 08, 2013 | By

Maybe you've seen local Interior Designer Becca Gaines posting over at Bella Vita...or maybe this is your first introduction. Either way you will love her unique style and amazing tips that you can implement at home.

Since designing a nursery is such a huge part of your pregnancy, we asked Becca to give us her favorite design tips to help you through the process. We won't stall any longer-- here she is with her top tips!

Becca Gaines' Top Nursery Tips

I'm so excited to be posting at Itty Bitty Bella- I love designing nurseries! There are so many options and really, who doesn't love a baby?! For obvious reasons, the nursery I designed for my daughter (who will be 2 years old this summer!) is my favorite. Between her nursery and those I've done for friends and clients I've learned a lot. Lucky for you, I managed to squeeze it all into 7 helpful tips. Here they are!

1. Get Started

I feel like there are three basic necessities to any nursery, so this is usually where I start when designing one:  the crib, the "changing table", and the rocking chair.  Then, I fill in with fun accents including a mobile, lighting, and art.

When I found out I was pregnant with a little girl, I knew I wanted her room to be girly, whimsical, and a little spunky.  I had had my eye on sweet iron crib, that reminded me of my childhood daybed.  I know a lot of moms prefer cribs that convert into toddler beds, but my favorite styles are simply just cribs. 

2. Changing Tables

Jovie's Dresser

I really prefer to use a dresser in place of the traditional changing table.  Dressers are larger, with drawer storage, and they will still look great after your baby is potty trained!  Little ones will grow out of their crib, and the rocking chair may get moved out to make room for more toys, but a dresser is one piece that can be purchased to last through childhood.

Dresser- BeforeDresser- Before

Dresser- PaintedDresser- During

We were definitely on a budget while designing our Jovie's nursery, and I wanted to splurge on the crib and rocker...  That meant there weren't a lot of funds left for the dresser.  We searched high and low - Craigslist and garage sales! - for a beautiful old (and of course, well made!) dresser.  We actually found one for $75 with aged brass hardware and dovetail drawer joints.  Then, I convinced my sweet husband to paint it, but not with just any paint...  It had to be hard and shiny, like a candy coating.  He cleaned, sanded, prepped, primed, and painted the cabinet with an oil-based industrial pipe paint from Porter Paints.  This proved to be quite a task in the rainy month of April, but I know Jovie will cherish this piece and all of the love he put into it, just like I do.

3. The Rocker

Jovie's Nursery 

When it comes to nursery rockers, my first pick is usually a slipcovered swivel glider.  I know the word "slipcover" can be scary, but when a slipcovered piece is made well, it's hard to tell it isn't upholstered.  Slipcovers can be removed and cleaned when spit-up, spills, dirt, juice, and other unmentionable messes occur.  So convenient!

I chose a fabric for Jovie's swivel glider that coordinated with our living room.  Like I said, we were on a budget, and I wanted the chair to be ready to work in any other room of our home.

Itty Bitty Bella has a great resource for both slipcovered and upholstered rockers. The best part is you can keep it easy and choose from the hundreds of fabric samples on hand, or you can bring in your own fabric and have it  made to fit the chair.

4. The Bedding

Pom Pom at Home Crib Bedding 

There are two companies at the top of my list for nursery bedding, and actually both can be purchased at Itty Bitty Bella.  Bella Notte and Pom Pom at Home have luxurious machine washable fabrics.

Pink, Grey and White Crib Ensemble

I recently helped a friend design her nursery with Bella Notte bedding.  Baby Ainsley's room is precious pinks and greys, but Bella Notte's endless combination of colors and cosy fabrics make their bedding line perfect for baby girls and baby boys.

Jovie's Crib 

For Jovie's room, I wanted something clean and feminine.  I chose white Pom Pom at Home bedding with a few of their grey accents (throw pillow, duvet, and curtains).  Her bedding style is very simple, but the hand and drape of the white Belgian linen adds rich softness and character to her room.

5. Personal Touches

Framed Bird Art 

When it comes to art, I love to include paintings in a baby's room.  Jovie has a pair of bird paintings by my friend Briana, that she loves to study and talk about every morning.  There are also twelve patchwork birds framed in a shadow box above her changing table.  These were made by my sweet sister and two dear friends as decorations at our baby shower.  Baby's first outfit, mom or dad's own rattle, or Christening gowns are just a few more sentimental items that could be framed as art in a nursery.  

6. Eye Candy

Bird Mobile Jovie's Mobile

Ainsley's MobileBaby Ainsley's Mobile

The crowning piece over a little one's crib should truly be a piece of art.  My husband and I went to New York City on a "babymoon" when we were 13 weeks pregnant.  We ran across Jovie's mobile at a small boutique in Soho.  There is no better way to say this - I was obsessed.  Shortly after we returned home, Itty Bitty Bella held it's grand opening, where I was surprised and absolutely ecstatic to run into an entire collection of these amazing mobiles, right here in Collierville!

7. Storage

3Sprouts Storage Bins

My last nursery design secret... As an interior designer, I need both creative freedom and extreme organization.  I wouldn't survive parenthood without the 3Sprouts toy bins from Itty Bitty Bella!  They're cute, fun, and safe for Jovie to play around.

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