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Crib Crazy

Nov 08, 2012 | By

As you prep the nursery for baby's arrival, you are faced with many decisions. Perhaps most prominent of these is the decision on how to keep the nursery looking stylishly put together and safe, without breaking the bank. We know nursery decorating can be a bit overwhelming, especially considering all of the other details required of parents-to-be, so we've done a little research into the latest trends in cribs to help make your life just a bit easier. 

The Corsican Crib

Corsican iron crib
Our Corsican Crib on display in the store. Canvas photography by Allison Rodgers.

The Corsican iron crib was created for all of the mommys out there that treasure the look of chic vintage style. The antique-inspired finish of this dainty iron bed is perfect for softening the tone of the room and keeping things ultra serene. Still sturdy enough for baby's every slumber, this crib will give you peace of mind in both the style and safety realm. Plus, its heavy iron construction creates a great foundation that your child will be able to grow with as the months pass quickly by.

Traditional Wooden Crib

If your style tends to stay on the modern, classic side, you'll love every nook and cranny of this wooden crib. Its boxy design lends it to the sleek lines of modern styles, and we love the idea of setting off geometric patterns or color blocked bedding with its structure. This crib is a bit more gender neutral, and will keep things a bit more casual and laid-back, depending on the overall nursery design scheme. As with its iron counterpart, you won't have to worry a second about a lack of durability or safety with this bed--the sturdy wood construction is great for growing with your little one, too.

Don't add any more tasks to your to-do list than necessary. When it comes to choosing a crib, simply define your favorite style and go from there. Turn the work of nursery decorating into fun! Plus, when you build the crib and it hits you that baby will arrive in just a few more weeks, all of that stress will be on its way out the door anyway!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Creating a Comfy Nursery

Sep 28, 2012 | By

Here's the honest truth: Mom spends just as much time in the nursery as baby, especially during the first few months. If this is the case, wouldn't it make sense that the nursery should be a beautiful, welcoming oasis that Mom and baby can both enjoy? With that in mind, we've come up with a few great ideas for creating a nursery that is as comfy and functional as it is stylishly decorated. Brace yourselves, Mom, things are about to get exciting!

Custom Glider

Custom Glider  

Custom Linen Glider

We've heard from mommas far and wide that the glider was a lifesaver during the early days of their itty bitty's life. Why, you ask? A custom glider and ottoman pack all of the comfort of a reclining chair, with the ability to soothe a fussy baby to sleep. A good night of sleep for baby means a little more rest for Mom, so it's a win-win situation for all parties involved! Plus, the glider can be upholstered to match the design scheme of the nursery. From classic neutral solids to fun and funky prints, there is a design that will surely suit the style of both Mom and baby. Throw in a cute throw blanket and a comfy pillow, and the glider might as well become Mom's backup bed!

Luxurious Bedding

Bella Notte crib bedding

After 9 months of sleeping in the womb, not much can compare to the level of comfort that baby considers standard. You can get as close as possible, however, with a set of luxurious linen bedding. Our Bella Notte baby bedding line features the softness of linen fabrics that are both breathable and baby soft, encouraging a good night's sleep in a chic covered crib. Classic, neutral colors create a soothing environment, too.

Artistic Elements

Cecel Allee paintingsCecel Allee artwork

Add pops of color and interest to the nursery design scheme with a few great artistic pieces. We love the idea of a soft bedding concept with subtle pops color on the wall (think Cecel Allee or EMYO). As your little one gets older, he or she will be in awe of the shapes and prints that hang on their nursery wall, and it might even help soothe them from time to time! After all, don't we all appreciate the beauty of original art, even at an early age? 

You take special care into creating a comfortable environment for your child during their development, so why not use the same TLC when building the perfect room for their arrival? Trust us, you and baby will both appreciate a little extra comfort during those late night feedings!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Luxe Gifts for your Littles

Aug 27, 2012 | By

We could all use a little luxury in our lives. From a trip to the spa to a glass of good wine, we must cease the moments of joy that come from decadent living when we can. And if we can embrace a moment of pampering-- why can't our itty bitties? Even the smallest ones surely enjoy a moment of indulgence, and with this collection of luxury gifts, you'll give them a taste of the decadence that keeps life extra exciting.

Our Favorite Luxury Gifts

10. MamaRoo

MamaRoo patterns for baby chair

Say goodbye to the traditional swing and bouncer for keeping your tiny one entertained. The latest technology in soothing your baby is here, and it's cutting edge! The MamaRoo features a variety of settings to simulate the feeling of being held by mom so that the baby stays extra comfy, thus making mom's life easier. It even contains sound settings and an mP3 dock for extra relaxation. It's the closest thing to spa treatment for a baby!

9. Little Giraffe Chenille blanket/lovie set

Give your favorite little angel the most luxurious addition to their "blankie" collection with this plush chenille blanket and love set. Its simple design is perfect for baby boy or baby girl, and its sweet and soft colors will compliment any nursery design scheme. Don't forget to throw the lovie in the diaper bag for on-the-go, because we're sure they'll get attached quickly!

8. UppaBaby Vista Stroller

baby stroller and basinet

You'd be amazed at how far the stroller has come since we rode in them. Today's models contain the technology of automobiles, making them more comparable to SUV's and sports cars than a simple mode of tiny tot transportation. The UppaBaby Vista, in particular, packs the adaptability of a parent-facing stroller, a regular front-facing stroller, a bassinet and it even adapts to most car seat models. The possibilities and destinations are endless with this cutting-edge stroller!

7. Iron Crib

iron crib

Bring a touch of vintage design to baby's nursery with this unique rod-iron crib. Modeled after cribs of decades past, this baby bed resembles the bed that Grandma kept in her home for her own little ones. It's updated with all of the safety features of today's cribs, however, and will be the perfect place to promote sweet sleep for your prince or princess. 

6. Bella Notte Linens crib bedding

luxurious linen crib bedding

Our newest line of crib bedding is the epitome of luxurious. With rich color palettes and linen construction, these sheets, bumpers and pillow cases are anything but ordinary. Perhaps the best part, however, is that despite their rich looks these linens only require easy care. Simple couture? We say, why not!

5. OXO Highchair

oxo wooden high chair

The brand itself boasts that this highchair is the perfect combination of "baby's comfort and grown-up's design sensibility." Its adjustable features enable your child to grow with the chair, rather than out of it, and it features comfortable seating for ages 6 months to 5 years old. The seat is positioned to promote your little one's good posture, and the harness will ensure that they are securely seated for all meals. As if that weren't enough, no tools are required for adjusting the age levels, and its sleek wooden design and unique color palette are sure to compliment any home decor scheme.

4. Bird Cage mobile

handmade bird cage mobile

Bring the wonder of nature into the nursery with this one-of-a-kind bird cage mobile. Inspired by the unique and ultra-trendy earth-inspired art used to adorn home spaces, this mobile will keep your itty bitty engaged and in awe of its beautiful design. Plus, you get to enjoy the added detail to your exquisitely designed nursery space, and what could be better than that?

3. Sweet Gravy Collage

funky and whimsical art on canvas

It's never too early to start an art collection. Present baby with his or her first piece of art from the whimsical and colorful collection of Sweet Gravy Art. Painted on wooden panels, each piece boasts a unique take on traditional art, and is the perfect fun and funky accent for bare nursery walls. Try a collage of various sized paintings above the crib for an eye catching design look.

2. Rocker/Glider chair

custom glider rocking chair

Next to baby's comfort, Mom's relaxation is super important (when she can get it, that is!). This custom rocker/glider chair helps ease the stress of the first days of parenthood, helping soothe new baby to sleep and keeping Mom comfortable during late night feedings. With a variety of fabrics available, you won't have any trouble finding something to perfectly fit your nursery design scheme.

1. Casafina Dinnerware set

Casafina stoneware

You understand the importance of serving each meal on fine dinnerware, so why not give your child the same mealtime treatment? The people who brought you the beloved Casafina stoneware that we have come to know and love at Bella Vita have created a special line for your itty bitties, complete with cute and colorful artwork to make meals fun. Whether they truly use it for eating or you keep it as a keepsake, this set is a wonderfully luxe and beautiful gift.

There's nothing wrong with a little luxury. Go ahead, treat yourself-- and your itty bitty!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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This Little Light of Mine

May 07, 2012 | By

We could all use the glow of a little light sometimes. Whether it's for the purpose of helping a brand new mom find her way through a dark room to get to her hungry baby, or so that itty bitties can feel safe from all of the things that go "bump" in the night, a night light is both a luxury and necessity for most of us. But why settle for a simple, non-stylish way to light your path when we have one that will help to accent your little prince and princess' room? 

canvas nite lite

Our incredibly cute night light collection features a tiny work of canvas art to cover the traditionally small light bulb. When turned on, this little light will create the perfect glow behind the canvas of colors, with sweet scenes such as a baby bird in a tree. The calming color shades and natural imagery will be the perfect fit for most any bedroom style, and eliminate all fears of the monster under the bed. Isn't it wonderful to think of your angel smiling through sweet dreams instead of being afraid of the dark? 


Perhaps even more interesting is the eco-friendly packaging of each nightlight, as well as the ability to turn in on a swivel for perfect positioning. After you let the light shine and shine and your little one is too big to need it any longer, the precious stretched canvas portion of the light can easily be re-purposed into a mini-canvas decor accessory. Once again we're here to bring you something both practical and cute! 

Go ahead and kill the lights-- this little night light is ready to shine, shine, shine!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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