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Our store features items and local artists like...

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  • Art & Wall Decor
  • Unique Clothing
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Our Favorites: Unique Wall Decor

Nov 14, 2011 | By

When you walk into an empty room to begin decorating the large, empty walls always seem daunting. While canvas artwork, wood letters and family photos are all great options here's some of our favorite "out of the box" wall decor suggestions. (Bonus: Some can tackle on your own!)

 Clockwise from top left: Always Swell, Velvet & Linen, Blissfully Smitten)

Our Favorite Wall Decor Projects

  • Velvet & Linen- Create a wall gallery using children's artwork
  • Danielle Oakey Interiors- paint bold stripes with chalkboard paint. The paint finish doubles as an artistic surface for your little ones.
  • Always Swell- Frame shells from your baby's first beach trip, baby clothes or other mementos to display in the room. 
  • Blissfully Smitten- Fabric Hoops to display above a bed or changing table. If you have vintage linens in the family this would be a great place to put them to use!
  • Ohdeedoh- Display your family tree using wall decals (or paint) and frames hung in the branches.

Deann Hebert- Nashville's Finest

Nov 03, 2011 | By

Having local artists represented in the store is a top priority for me. I love the connection I, and in turn you, are able to make with them and with their work. I love that I know that the art hanging in my home was created out of passion, desire and talent. There's something special about seeing a painting- all of the layers and textures- that has just recently been created by the artist's hands.

Deann Hebert- Sail Away 

That is why I'm excited to introduce all of you to Deann. Deann Hebert is an artist from Nashville and our newest local addition to Itty Bitty Bella. From 5 inches square to 4 feet square, Deann has canvas art that will fill your needs and your walls.

Her work features whimsical subjects such as sail boats and angels as well as more rustic scenes that showcase country barns and bird nests.

Her style is one that is very layered, textured and full of depth. Deann is known for her bright colors and rich textures. Her signature impasto-style of applying layer upon layer of acrylic paint, and finishing with a high gloss UV-protectant varnish is a technique that she developed by trial and error. Unexpected touches can always be expected.

The girls and I will be sure to update you as new pieces arrive. If there's something special you're looking for, just let me know. Deann is more than willing to take on custom projects. What better way to personalize a nursery!

- Stephanie

View more of Deann's work at Bella Vita

Out With the Old?

Sep 21, 2011 | By

Now that new restrictions have been placed on cribs (stationary side rails), there won't be used cribs on the market for a while.

What's a mom to do with her old crib...or better yet, what's a bargain shopper going to do at yard sales?! We've found this nifty website full of useful ideas that you can use to re-purpose an old, or even not so old, crib that can no longer be used for infants.

  Image via Ohdeedoh

From craft stations to wall storage, there's a handy idea for everyone no matter what your building/craft skill or patience level. Check out the ideas for yourself, there's at least one that will spark your imaginations!

Our personal favorites are actually the picture hanger (mattress spring!) and laundry rack. What's yours?

 - The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Nursery Decor - Roll Out the Carpet

Sep 09, 2011 | By
Roll out the red carpet for your newest arrival. Okay, well maybe not red. You can decide whatever color suits your nursery decor the best, as long as you remember to include a rug in the nursery.

Not only does it provide a soft and cozy place to lay out the toys and books, but it keeps your toes from getting chilled when you're up in the middle of the night going in for a feeding or a quick change.

We also love all the design aspects of a rug. It can be simple and neutral so as to blend into the surrounding decor, or it can be a statement piece- something with a bold, relevant pattern and colors that will complement and maybe even stand out against the rest of the nursery.

Look how this gorgeous yellow rug not only anchors the space and provides boundaries in the room, but the funky pattern and light yellow completely ties the nursery together. If you're thinking long-term investment, the simple pattern and color is not one she'll outgrow anytime soon. She'll probably be carting it off to college sooner than you would like to imagine!

Feel free to stop in and browse our in-stock rugs and our rug catalog to find the perfect one for your nursery!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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