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Favorite Gifts- Year 3

Oct 15, 2011 | By

Last week we helped out all of you looking for gifts for a 1 year old. Today why don't we help you with a 3 year old. They are becoming even more active, inquisitive and imaginative so get them something that allows them to explore, create or interact! 

Here are our 5 suggestions:

5. Skip Hop Backpack


They're getting ready for preschool or an adventure to the park and they  need a place to pack their lunch, show-and-tell, or shovels and bug catchers! Let them express their style and their current animal love with a Skip Hop Backpack.

4. Jellycat Animals


Every child needs a best friend, and what better friend to have than one who cuddles. The Jellycat "Cordy Roy" collection is our favorite, and the new hound dog and pink pig are just too cute. We guarantee plenty of time will be spent creating memories and make-believe with their new Jellycat.

3. Sticker Activity Books


Whether you need to occupy them on a road trip or a rainy day, stickers always seem to fascinate little minds. Grab a sticker book and let them explore their imaginations as they create scenes and stories with the 700+ stickers.

2. Hair Accessories


Now that you're little ladies finally have some clip and pony worthy hair, get them some accessories that will steal the show. Felt, crochet, and ribbon featuring both bold and bright and soft and subdue colors means you will always have the perfect accessory to match her most favorite outfits.

1. Automoblox

Branch out from the usual toy cars and get your little racers an Automoblox or two. Made from mostly wood, these cars have fewer small parts to break or come unattached. Your soon-to-be 3  year old will also love the size-not as small as a Hot Wheel, not as large as Fisher Price. They're perfect for little hands ready to move to the next step. 

Have any suggestions? What are you favorite gifts to buy the active, in-to-everything 3 year old?

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Out With the Old?

Sep 21, 2011 | By

Now that new restrictions have been placed on cribs (stationary side rails), there won't be used cribs on the market for a while.

What's a mom to do with her old crib...or better yet, what's a bargain shopper going to do at yard sales?! We've found this nifty website full of useful ideas that you can use to re-purpose an old, or even not so old, crib that can no longer be used for infants.

  Image via Ohdeedoh

From craft stations to wall storage, there's a handy idea for everyone no matter what your building/craft skill or patience level. Check out the ideas for yourself, there's at least one that will spark your imaginations!

Our personal favorites are actually the picture hanger (mattress spring!) and laundry rack. What's yours?

 - The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Minimize the Mess!

Sep 06, 2011 | By
Is your house piling up with forgotten toys, outgrown clothing, or no longer need baby items? There's probably not a single home in America that couldn't use even the slightest of clean up, so grab the kids and get them excited for a yard sale!

It's the perfect time since the weather is starting to cool and Saturday's have not been filled with sports games or dance activities yet.

Here's how to make it kid-friendly and profitable:

1. Price Stickers

Use colored circle stickers to price each item. Assign a certain dollar value to each color to make it easy to remember. Not only will shoppers not have to ask around for prices, but kids will catch on quickly that red is $1, blue is $2, etc.

2. Collect Supplies

Get your kids on board a week or two in advance and have them start collecting toys, games, books etc. that they have outgrown or no longer enjoy. Letting them choose will make it easier for them to part with the items. Don't kid yourself, you will still have to draw the line once in a while when attachment kicks in!

Don't forget to gather newspapers and grocery bags before the big weekend as well. You will be happy you have them when you have to wrap up a fragile vase or baking dish. The grocery bags are perfect for people to carry their loot away in...and you're recycling!

3. Create an Atmosphere

Consider having a lemonade stand along side your garage sale to earn a couple extra bucks and to draw in more shoppers. Have your kids put together a playlist of their favorite songs to play as background music. You'll be grateful for the noise when there's just one or two shoppers poking around your driveway.

4. Be Realistic

Set prices so that items will move! In the end, whatever is left should just go to Goodwill or your local donation store, so don't worry about getting your "money's worth". Just get it sold!

When it comes to kids toys, especially figurines, toy cars etc. it's easier to price and sell if you sell them by the bag. Set out bags in a predetermined size and put a price to an entire bags worth of toys.  (Ex. All animal figurines $2/bag)

We hope you have a great time bonding with your family over a weekend yard sale! It's a great time to teach your kids about team work, money and budgeting and giving back to the community and less fortunate.

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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momAgenda- Get Organized!

Sep 01, 2011 | By
Whether you  have 1 child or 5, "chaos" is most likely found in your family dictionary. Not only are you trying balance your own life, you're trying to balance the lives of all your little ones and that of your family on the whole.

While most of us turn to lists, email calendars and day planners there are still some mighty big flaws that leave unfilled gaps in their organizing process. Lists get lost, email calendars can malfunction (and lets face it, they don't have that much room!) and day planners just organize one schedule- yours! You need a multitasking, hard working, planner that organizes every family member in one place. Sound impossible? Check this out!

momAgenda Desktop Organizer
momAgenda Desktop Organizer (additional colors/finishes available!)

momAgenda's unique layout keeps you and your kids schedules outlined in one spot so you can see exactly where you need to be, what time and what/who you need to have with you.

Pages inside momAgenda
Use the "my week" section to list to do's that have to be accomplished that week, but not necessarily at a certain time. (Ex. Birthday present for Jack, finish book club book, book swimming lessons, etc.) Use the top portion of the planning page to list your daily activities and to do's.

Fill in the "kids" boxes below with your children's names  and/or husbands name. List each of their daily tasks and events so that you can see who overlaps and what supplies you will need for each event.

At the bottom you can plan your meals for the week. We love this feature! Write down what you'll have for dinner each night of the week and transfer it to a grocery list. Shop for a whole week's worth of meals at once so you'll have everything you need on hand. No more fast food because you forgot to get groceries!!

Online Resource Pages
Lastly, we love all the extra features momAgenda thought of to make your life that much better. Lists of helpful websites organized by topic (travel, fitness, cooking/eating, health, shopping, etc.) and toll-free numbers we all need at some point (airlines, credit card companies, car rentals, hotels).

Don't forget the "Mom Essentials" journal at the end.  You can keep track of phone numbers/addresses, important dates and birthdays, medical information, etc.

momAgenda really has thought of it all...and we're thrilled. Come get organized!!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella
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