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Baby Bling

Dec 03, 2011 | By

What's sweeter than a little infant adorned in pearls and silver. Baby bracelets and necklaces are one of the most special gifts;  one that they will  treasure for a lifetime. Available in an array of sizes, our sterling silver necklaces, sterling bracelets, and pearl bracelets have become your favorite go-to gift.

Sterling Silver BraceletsSterling silver bracelets

Sterling silver bangles are ideal keepsakes, and can easily be monogrammed. Dads, this would be the perfect piece to start off your daughters collection!

Pearl BraceletPearl Bracelet

If sweet and simple is more your taste, the all pearl bracelet is just the thing for the little one to wear home from the hospital or to a christening or baptism. 

Monogrammed Pearl BraceletMonogrammed Sterling Bracelet

Get your little angels initials or name engraved onto this delicate pearl bracelet. It's a piece of history she will treasure for years to come, and maybe pass down to her own daughter.

Pearl Bracelet with CrossPearl Bracelet with Sterling Cross

Add a sterling silver cross to the little pearl bracelet. A coordinating sterling silver cross necklace (not pictured) completes the set.

Stop by to pick out your favorite piece. Any special orders placed in the next week or so can be sent in time for Christmas!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Favorite Gifts- Year 5

Oct 19, 2011 | By

We've covered gifts for a 1 year old and gifts for a 3 year old. Here's what we like for a 5 year old:

5. Craft Apron


Kids love nothing more than seeing mom break the rules. Let them get messy and play with paints, chalk, goo and more! The waterproof craft apron is complete with a "tool pouch" so they can store all of their supplies while keeping their clothes clean.

4. Note Card Set

Help them practice good manners by sending out their own personalized thank-you cards. Each package comes with blank cards, envelopes and stickers to decorate with. Slap on a stamp and they are ready for the mail!

3. Paint with Water

 Rainy days are no match for Melissa and Doug's Paint with Water books. We love that it's stain-free (we didn't say mess-free!) and your kiddo's love the magic of it all. 

2. Birthday Suit (No...not that kind!)

Birthdays seem to be synonymous with "new clothes", so get them an outfit you know they will like. Appaman for boys or Mimi and Maggie for girls offers cute, spunky, and stylish clothing for your little ones.

1. Activity Books

Give them a way to express their creative side through writing and artwork. Each page offers a new suggestion for your little one to ponder. Whether it's writing about their best day ever or drawing what they hope to be when they grow up, they will love letting their imaginations soar while they practice their new talents.

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Favorite Gifts- Year 3

Oct 15, 2011 | By

Last week we helped out all of you looking for gifts for a 1 year old. Today why don't we help you with a 3 year old. They are becoming even more active, inquisitive and imaginative so get them something that allows them to explore, create or interact! 

Here are our 5 suggestions:

5. Skip Hop Backpack


They're getting ready for preschool or an adventure to the park and they  need a place to pack their lunch, show-and-tell, or shovels and bug catchers! Let them express their style and their current animal love with a Skip Hop Backpack.

4. Jellycat Animals


Every child needs a best friend, and what better friend to have than one who cuddles. The Jellycat "Cordy Roy" collection is our favorite, and the new hound dog and pink pig are just too cute. We guarantee plenty of time will be spent creating memories and make-believe with their new Jellycat.

3. Sticker Activity Books


Whether you need to occupy them on a road trip or a rainy day, stickers always seem to fascinate little minds. Grab a sticker book and let them explore their imaginations as they create scenes and stories with the 700+ stickers.

2. Hair Accessories


Now that you're little ladies finally have some clip and pony worthy hair, get them some accessories that will steal the show. Felt, crochet, and ribbon featuring both bold and bright and soft and subdue colors means you will always have the perfect accessory to match her most favorite outfits.

1. Automoblox

Branch out from the usual toy cars and get your little racers an Automoblox or two. Made from mostly wood, these cars have fewer small parts to break or come unattached. Your soon-to-be 3  year old will also love the size-not as small as a Hot Wheel, not as large as Fisher Price. They're perfect for little hands ready to move to the next step. 

Have any suggestions? What are you favorite gifts to buy the active, in-to-everything 3 year old?

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Birthday Gifts- Year 1

Oct 05, 2011 | By

It happens all the time. Mom, dad, grandma, friend or even just a carpool acquaintance comes by to select a gift. They're usually stumped, not for all the same reasons, but at some point everyone wants  a little guidance.

Over the next few weeks we'll break it down for you and answer the question we love to hear everyday: What's a great fit for a __ year old? This week we'll focus on a 1 year old. 

Here are our top 5 gift suggestions:

5. Puppy Tails Book

Puppy Tails Book Now that they're ready to dive in and discover the world around them, give them a gift that will allow them to explore textures, sounds and animals. Each puppy tail is a different textures, and when rubbed will make a different sound. If puppy's won't work there's also Kitty Tails and Pet Tails to keep them entertained and learning!

4. Zoo Plates and Bowls


They think they're ready to be just like the big kids, so let them give it a go with Skip Hop Zoo Plates and bowls. The adorable animals will keep their interest even if the meal doesn't!

3. Shoes


They're pulling up on furniture and maybe taking an awkward step or two, but you know that it's just a matter of time before they're running all over the place on their 2 wobbly legs! Outfit them in a comfy, supportive pair of shoes that will foster proper foot development and great style. 

2. Puzzles


Beginner chunky puzzles are perfect for little hands. The basic shapes and colors help them focus and complete each puzzle.

1. The Tickle Monster Kit

Tickle Monster Kit  The Tickle Monster Kit is our all-time favorite! Either you or the birthday girl/boy can put on the tickle gloves and tickle along with the Tickle Monster in the story. He has just landed on planet Earth...and he's out to tickle everyone just like they do on Planet Tickle!

Hopefully this helps to narrow down your choices, or gives you a good jumping off point to get out there and get your shopping done!

One year old's not what you're looking for? Don't worry, over the next few weeks we'll cover some more top birthday gifts!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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