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Hello Pello!

Aug 13, 2013 | By

We all enjoy lounging and relaxing after a hard day. If we are entitled to this kind of down time on the couch, shouldn't baby be able to enjoy the same kind of comfort, too? 

Pello Baby Pillow

Pello Baby Pillow

Fortunately for our little ones, the Pello was created with the epitome of comfort in mind. Think of it as a mini-sofa for the lounging pleasure of your prince or princess!

Use With Baby and Up to Growing Child

Unlike the typical baby floor pillow, Pello doesn't have an expiration date! Its size and shape enable it to grow and change with your itty bitty, making it just as usable for a baby as it is for a toddler or growing child. 

Features Many Benefits for Health & Development

Pello Baby Pillow

The distinctive donut shape with raised edges features many benefits for your child's health, growth and development, including reclining to reduce tummy problems and acid re-flux, an easy place to encourage tummy time strength building, and an ultra cuddly place for your child to read and play as they get older. 

Washable, Easily Transportable & Cute!

Pello Baby Pillow

Did we mention that Pello is washable, making it great for indoor or outdoor activity? It also features easy-to-grip handles, making transport to and from the grandparents' house easier than ever. As if all of these unique features weren't enough, the Pello also comes in a variety of cute and stylish patterns, keeping fashion at the forefront of the space in which it resides. 

Pello Baby Pillow

Throw out all of your old conceptions about pillows, people! The luxe and stylish Pello is here, ready for some snuggles from your precious little one!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Sweet Sleep Made Simple

May 28, 2013 | By

As a new mommy, many women become able to cope with the fact that sleep may be a thing of the past. But what if there was a way to encourage sweet slumber for your new itty bitty, in turn giving you just a bit more rest? 

We have one word for you, and it may be one you've heard before: swaddle. We understand that there is a lot to learn as a new parent, and it can be overwhelming to perfect the art of draping and folding that swaddle blanket just right. Our friends at Aden & Anais must have known that, too, when they created the latest in swaddling technology- the Easy Swaddle.

Aden + Anais - Easy Swaddle

Aden and Anais Easy Swaddle

Just like the original swaddle blankets that made Aden & Anais a must-have item on every mommy's registry, the Easy Swaddle features construction from 100% muslin cotton, providing a breathable and lightweight texture that keeps baby snug for hours on end. 

How To Easy Swaddle

How To Easy Swaddle

With that same quality and coziness, the Easy Swaddle features snaps to help speed up the swaddling process, relieving a bit of stress from mommy and daddy, and promoting the best sleep possible for your babe. The natural give of the cotton material creates a snug environment reminiscent of being in the womb, thus encouraging baby to relax and stay soothed for longer periods of time.

As if the simple construction weren't enough, each Easy Swaddle features soft colors and unique designs to compliment you and baby's individual style. With a blanket that's both snuggly for baby, simple and stylish, how could you go wrong? 

Here's to the miracle of that new life you've created, and to as much sleep as possible for both of you!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Budget-Friendly Shower Gifts

Feb 21, 2013 | By

It's the time of year when many of us find ourselves attending spring celebrations. From weddings to baby showers, the "gifts to buy" list can often seem never-ending, and the budget doesn't seem to be getting any larger, either. No need to stress though, because we've compiled a list of budget-friendly baby gifts that will make the special mommy-to-be in your life feel extra special when her shower rolls around. Now sit back, relax and allow us to introduce you to our favorite gifts under $50.

10. Sleep Sheep on-the-go with Angel Dear Lovie

Sleep Sheep on-the-go

Give the brand new little something to snuggle with while on the go with Mom. This sweet and plush lovie is perfect for toting through the carpool line, and it will quickly become baby's new security blanket with its soothing sounds and cuddly texture. 

9. Kissy Kissy Clothing

Kissy Kissy clothing

Every itty bitty needs the gift of style! Kissy Kissy's ensembles are perfect for getting a fashionable wardrobe started early, and the outfits are super functional, too. We love the look of this little romper that will grow and move as baby does.

8. Blooming Bath

Blooming Bath

Make bathtime fun for mommy and baby with the latest in tub technology. The blooming bath features an ultra plush terry material that fits perfectly into a sink or tub and expands to fit baby's growing body. It can be thrown in the dryer after use, making it as convenient as it is cute.

7. Aden and Anais New Easy Swaddle

Easy Swaddle

By now most moms understand the importance of swaddling to keep their baby cozy during times of rest. With so many other things to remember, she'll definitely appreciate you making wrapping baby up more simple than ever; this easy swaddle requires only a quick couple of steps and no folding or tucking. Just like that, the sweet babe is ready for bedtime!

6. "Welcome Baby" Keepsake Book

Welcome Baby keepsake book

Baby's first year passes far too quickly to go without documentation. This fun book gives the new parents a chance to mark all of their little one's milestones, and there are even fun colors and images to go along with the most precious words and moments. This is one gift Mom and Dad will treasure forever!

5. Chewbeads Necklace and Bracelet

Chewbeads bracelet

There will come a time when Mom can't keep her favorite necklaces and bracelets out of baby's mouth, but there's no need for the sacrifice of style when that occurs. These fun rubber beaded pieces will give baby the perfect soother for their sore gums, all the while keeping Mom well-accessorized and fabulous.

4. Skip Hop Puppy Hooded Towel and Washcloth with Spout Cover

Puppy hooded towel and spout cover

Bathtime is a necessity, but there's no reason to treat it like a duty! This hooded towel and spout cover combo make bathtime extra fun for that sweet little angel, giving them a chance to play with the water and snuggle up in a cozy puppy towel afterwards.  When baby is clean and happy, Mom's life becomes that much easier!

3. Hooter Hider

Hooter Hider

Let's face it- breast feeding is a practice that may shake up Mom's routine just a bit. Help her to adjust quickly and stay on-the-go with the help of this fantastic breast feeding cover. Made of durable, stylish fabric, Mom can run her errands and simply throw this over her and baby when mealtime comes calling.

2. Tickle Monster Laughter Kit

Tickle Monster Laughter Kit

It's never too early to prepare for playtime! The Tickle Monster Kit is the perfect way to encourage laughter and imagination from any tiny tot, and the entertainment that Mom and baby will share during time spent together is truly priceless!

1. Skip Hop Zoo Set

Skip Hop Mealtime Set
As the prince or princess grows, Mom and Dad will need to be ready when its time for them to feed themselves. This set of plates, bowls, cup and utensils makes mealtime fun and hassle-free. Kids will love the animal shapes and bright colors that make eating exciting, and parents will adore the durable plastic-ware and easy clean-up.

Now that you're covered in the gift department (without breaking the bank), let the showers begin!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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A Beautiful Baby Registry

Feb 05, 2013 | By

Welcoming a new addition to the world is one of the most exciting, yet overwhelming things you'll ever experience. Exciting because of the wonder of the little miracle that you've been gifted to grow, shape and mold. Overwhelming because as a part of the growing, shaping and molding, you are completely responsible for the life of this little one, long before you ever meet him or her. How will you prepare to provide all of the comfort, love and joy that your itty bitty deserves? 

Allison Rodgers Photography Image courtesy of Allison Rodgers

We may not be able to help you in the raising of your child, but we can certainly ensure that you have all the gear, necessities and garb you'll need to make the earliest days of their life just a little easier. Our baby registry gives every momma-to-be the chance to come in the store and browse our unique selection of baby bedding, furniture, gear, toys and clothing and pick out just what you and your little one love the most. You can be certain that you and baby will be safe and secure in the quality of Itty Bitty's fantastic products, all tested by moms and dads and approved to be top of the line when it comes to safety, comfort and style. Our girls will be there to answer all your questions and even provide suggestions to help make the transition to mommy hood just a little smoother.

As if the selection and style of our must-have baby products weren't enough, we also offer a fantastic perk to all of our registered mommies- 15% off all hostess and attendant gifts at both Itty Bitty Bella and Bella Vita, as well as 15% off all items not purchased from your registry. 

As you prepare to bring baby into this big, crazy world, you have enough to worry about. Let us take care of the details and make sure you are fully prepared with the most dependable, beautiful items possible. Now all that's left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy every moment leading up to your little one's arrival!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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