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Goodbye Bouncer, Hello MamaRoo!

Nov 20, 2012 | By

When baby gets fussy, you place her in the bouncer. When baby gets whiny, you place him in the swing. Familiar with this routine? If you've tried bouncing and swinging to keep your baby satisfied and seem to have gotten no results, may we suggest the latest technology in movement for your itty bitty? Enter the MamaRoo-- it's everything the bouncer and swing aren't as it mimics your natural movement.

You don't bounce or swing, do you? Our point exactly. This infant seat is the next best thing to cradling your baby in your arms. With five settings ranging from car ride to rock a bye, the MamaRoo's gentle, swaying motions give your baby the feeling that they are actually in your arms-- which we all know is the best soother of all. This amazing machine even features nature sounds and the ability to connect to any MP3 player, as well as the ability to recline for added comfort.


As if function and unique technology weren't enough, the MamaRoo even comes with stylish covers to match your baby's personality. After all, there's no one like them, so don't they deserve to rest and relax in something that is just as one-of-a-kind? We love the new selection of plush patterns, featuring bright, fun colors in a geometric print that is perfect for your little guy or gal. 

A soothed and comforted baby means relaxation time for you and your little. Give the MamaRoo a try and see for yourself-- it's the next best thing to having two Mamas! 

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Luxe Gifts for your Littles

Aug 27, 2012 | By

We could all use a little luxury in our lives. From a trip to the spa to a glass of good wine, we must cease the moments of joy that come from decadent living when we can. And if we can embrace a moment of pampering-- why can't our itty bitties? Even the smallest ones surely enjoy a moment of indulgence, and with this collection of luxury gifts, you'll give them a taste of the decadence that keeps life extra exciting.

Our Favorite Luxury Gifts

10. MamaRoo

MamaRoo patterns for baby chair

Say goodbye to the traditional swing and bouncer for keeping your tiny one entertained. The latest technology in soothing your baby is here, and it's cutting edge! The MamaRoo features a variety of settings to simulate the feeling of being held by mom so that the baby stays extra comfy, thus making mom's life easier. It even contains sound settings and an mP3 dock for extra relaxation. It's the closest thing to spa treatment for a baby!

9. Little Giraffe Chenille blanket/lovie set

Give your favorite little angel the most luxurious addition to their "blankie" collection with this plush chenille blanket and love set. Its simple design is perfect for baby boy or baby girl, and its sweet and soft colors will compliment any nursery design scheme. Don't forget to throw the lovie in the diaper bag for on-the-go, because we're sure they'll get attached quickly!

8. UppaBaby Vista Stroller

baby stroller and basinet

You'd be amazed at how far the stroller has come since we rode in them. Today's models contain the technology of automobiles, making them more comparable to SUV's and sports cars than a simple mode of tiny tot transportation. The UppaBaby Vista, in particular, packs the adaptability of a parent-facing stroller, a regular front-facing stroller, a bassinet and it even adapts to most car seat models. The possibilities and destinations are endless with this cutting-edge stroller!

7. Iron Crib

iron crib

Bring a touch of vintage design to baby's nursery with this unique rod-iron crib. Modeled after cribs of decades past, this baby bed resembles the bed that Grandma kept in her home for her own little ones. It's updated with all of the safety features of today's cribs, however, and will be the perfect place to promote sweet sleep for your prince or princess. 

6. Bella Notte Linens crib bedding

luxurious linen crib bedding

Our newest line of crib bedding is the epitome of luxurious. With rich color palettes and linen construction, these sheets, bumpers and pillow cases are anything but ordinary. Perhaps the best part, however, is that despite their rich looks these linens only require easy care. Simple couture? We say, why not!

5. OXO Highchair

oxo wooden high chair

The brand itself boasts that this highchair is the perfect combination of "baby's comfort and grown-up's design sensibility." Its adjustable features enable your child to grow with the chair, rather than out of it, and it features comfortable seating for ages 6 months to 5 years old. The seat is positioned to promote your little one's good posture, and the harness will ensure that they are securely seated for all meals. As if that weren't enough, no tools are required for adjusting the age levels, and its sleek wooden design and unique color palette are sure to compliment any home decor scheme.

4. Bird Cage mobile

handmade bird cage mobile

Bring the wonder of nature into the nursery with this one-of-a-kind bird cage mobile. Inspired by the unique and ultra-trendy earth-inspired art used to adorn home spaces, this mobile will keep your itty bitty engaged and in awe of its beautiful design. Plus, you get to enjoy the added detail to your exquisitely designed nursery space, and what could be better than that?

3. Sweet Gravy Collage

funky and whimsical art on canvas

It's never too early to start an art collection. Present baby with his or her first piece of art from the whimsical and colorful collection of Sweet Gravy Art. Painted on wooden panels, each piece boasts a unique take on traditional art, and is the perfect fun and funky accent for bare nursery walls. Try a collage of various sized paintings above the crib for an eye catching design look.

2. Rocker/Glider chair

custom glider rocking chair

Next to baby's comfort, Mom's relaxation is super important (when she can get it, that is!). This custom rocker/glider chair helps ease the stress of the first days of parenthood, helping soothe new baby to sleep and keeping Mom comfortable during late night feedings. With a variety of fabrics available, you won't have any trouble finding something to perfectly fit your nursery design scheme.

1. Casafina Dinnerware set

Casafina stoneware

You understand the importance of serving each meal on fine dinnerware, so why not give your child the same mealtime treatment? The people who brought you the beloved Casafina stoneware that we have come to know and love at Bella Vita have created a special line for your itty bitties, complete with cute and colorful artwork to make meals fun. Whether they truly use it for eating or you keep it as a keepsake, this set is a wonderfully luxe and beautiful gift.

There's nothing wrong with a little luxury. Go ahead, treat yourself-- and your itty bitty!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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A New Chapter Begins

May 01, 2012 | By

Don't you just love the feel of a book? Not your Kindle or iPad, but a real book. The way its pages feel on your fingers as they turn crisply, signaling the end of one chapter and the start of another. No book is quite as special, however, as the one that tells the story of a precious angel's debut into this great big world. We know Mom always told you not to judge a book by its cover, but this time we'd like to give you an excuse to choose the prettiest book possible to write the new chapter of the newest addition to your family.


Our personalized baby books are fit for a prince or princess, crafted from silk or linen fabric adorned with classic patterns and colors. A variety of patterns are available, such as plaid and polka dots, and each delicately accents the keepsake in the most divine of ways. The book is finished off with a silk ribbon, tied in a large bow at the spine.

Monogramming is also available to customize your baby's special book, ever increasing the value of this priceless treasure. The inside of the book features removable pages, making it easy to choose whether you'll display photo pages or written memories. It was truly made to tell the story of your itty bitty.

You only have one chance to watch your little ones grow, so why not document every story, ever funny and every adventure? Plus, this baby book is so pretty that you won't be able to help but put it on display. Here's to all the memories that you'll make... and write down!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Itty Bitty Mama's- Sonja C.

Feb 23, 2012 | By

There's just something about your first time experience at any new activity that makes it a bit nerve-wracking, very exciting and quite an adventure. Preparing for the addition of a little angel can often be summed up in just this way, as new parents often find themselves learning from each experience and every new day they face as Mom and Dad.

We think the excitement of the adventure of parenthood is one of the best things anyone could embark upon, and we're thrilled to introduce you to another sweet couple who is expecting a baby in the very near future. Sonja and her husband can't wait to welcome their little miss into the world, and begin their very own parenting journey!

IBB: What is your favorite part of being pregnant?

SC: Probably all of the thoughtfulness from everyone – doing nice things for me, and telling me to sit down, rest, etc. Also – maternity jeans! Hidden stretchy fabric at the waist...why don’t we wear these all the time??

What is the best piece of advice you have received so far?

SC: Someone told me not to be anxious about feeling clueless in the beginning, because you’re the only mom your baby’s ever had too... we’re both “first-timers.”

IBB: What is your favorite childhood memory?

SC: Gosh that’s a hard one to pick... but our family’s Christmas traditions, especially on Christmas Eve, really were a highlight of my year when I was a kid. I don’t think you can underestimate the value of the sense of security that family traditions can bring to children. I can’t wait to establish some traditions for our little girl to look forward to every year, too.

IBB: What is your most favorite item on your registry?

SC: I love it all!! But I especially love the super soft gray Little Giraffe lovey with the satin trim.

What aspect of motherhood do you most look forward to?

SC: I can’t wait for those day to day conversations with her, helping her learn how to process and see the world around her. I’ve been thinking a lot about the huge privilege of raising a brand new person with the values I consider necessary to help make the world a better place. How cool is that?

We wish this family all the best, and know they will do a great job of nurturing and caring for their sweet girl. Congratulations again, you two!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella 

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