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Itty Bitty Mama's- Kristen T.

Feb 15, 2012 | By

Over the years, we are often reminded of the importance of the little things. We are encouraged to soak up every last memory and savor times with those that we love. We begin to make the most of every situation, as if it is the most exciting adventure that we'll ever experience. Perhaps this feeling becomes even stronger when a new little one is added to the mix. The littlest details begin to take such significance, from tiny socks to diapers and everything in between. But most importantly of all, that little smile becomes the one thing that moves you and fills you with a feeling of joy that is incomparable to most everything else. 

Our Itty Bitty Bella Mama, Kristen and her husband can definitely relate to this feeling. As they prepare for the addition of their own precious angel to their family, they have already begun to realize the important memories that each moment they spend together will create. We're so thrilled to share a little more about them with you today.

Kristen T.

IBB: What is your favorite part of being pregnant?

KT: It would definitely have to be the feeling this little one moving around inside me.

IBB: What is the best piece of advice you have received so far?

KT: Be flexible! 

IBB: What is your favorite childhood memory?

KT: I always loved riding horses on my dad’s farm in the Mississippi delta,  and also playing in the sawdust at the Neshoba County Fair. 

IBB: What is your favorite childhood book? 

KT: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis 

IBB: What is your most favorite item on your registry? 

KT: Love my changing pad cover, pillow and crib sheet by Little House! 

IBB: What aspect of motherhood do you most look forward to? 

KT: It will be really exciting to establish our own family traditions.

IBB: What has your husband enjoyed most during your pregnancy? 

KT: He has been very helpful along the way. He built a beautiful changing table, as well some shelves from distressed wood found in our attic - he really enjoyed doing it! 

Congratulations to our newest set of Itty Bitty parents. We wish you all the best as you embark on the grand adventure of parenthood!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Itty Bitty Mama's- Jennifer K.

Burps and Spits

Feb 13, 2012 | By

Burping your baby and then cleaning up the sure-to-happen spits and spills is something you're probably very familiar with. All too familiar with, we're guessing. Since you can't prevent it and most definitely can't ignore it, let us help you get through it in style. 

Our new burp cloth bundles are absorbent, perfectly sized and, clearly very cute. Since there is no hiding from the daily messes, you might as well enjoy the means in which you use to clean them. Each burp cloth is generously sized (14 1/2" x 21") so you can easily wipe up even the biggest of messes. That also means it will adequately cover your shoulder, and save your shirt too.

Burp Cloth Bundles 

Two coordinating burp clothes come conveniently rolled and tied with a ribbon- perfect for gift giving! Additional wrapping isn't necessary, but turning down our complimentary wrapping is pretty hard...

These bundles would make the cutest Valentine's Day happy for a new mom!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella


Itty Bitty Momma's-Jennifer K.

Feb 09, 2012 | By

It's the time of year when we're constantly surrounded by reminders of love. Hearts, flowers, chocolates...and...babies! As another precious couple prepares for the most special of gifts, we are thrilled to feature their journey to parenthood. Jennifer is counting down the days until she meets her little bundle, and we're here to share a few of her mother-to-be thoughts and experiences with you.

Jennifer K.

IBB: What is your favorite part of being pregnant?

JK: Oh my gosh, there are so many favorites…the love that I already have for this little guy, and we haven’t even met yet is truly overwhelming and totally indescribable.  Also, feeling him move has been not only amazing but comforting as well.  It’s a special bonding period for us, and I know I will definitely miss it, so I’m soaking in every last movement.  Lastly, the conversations that are struck and the advice and/or stories I receive from others about their pregnancy experiences b/c they see my bump, and they want to share.  It’s like a club out there that I never knew existed.  This journey has been incredible already.

IBB: What is the best piece of advice you have received so far?

JK: The best piece of advice, which I have taken to heart, is to just enjoy every minute of it.  No one can explain what an impact this has, and I have just taken it all in and loved each and every step.  I’m looking forward for what’s to come, even though I may feel at times I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just ready to jump in and embrace our little man. 

IBB: What is your best pregnancy information source?

JK: In addition to hearing from others and their personal experiences, I have really found the “What to Expect” pregnancy app and daily emails from them very helpful.  I have a copy of the book as well, but I’ve really enjoyed having a daily update on what’s going on.  A little information at a time has been nice, and my husband follows along with it also on his phone.  So, we can chat about it because we’re receiving the same info at the same time.  I’ve already downloaded the “What to Expect” baby’s first year as well.  I highly recommend both.

IBB: What is your most favorite item on your registry?

JK: Well, I really can’t narrow that down.  I would just like to move into Itty Bitty and that be the nursery – does that answer the question adequately – ha!

IBB: What has your husband enjoyed most during your pregnancy?

JK:I couldn’t ask for a better partner in all of this.  He was made to be a Dad.  He has enjoyed the anticipation of his little guy getting here and following his growth process from the doctor, What to Expect, classes we’ve attended, etc.  My heart melts when I see how much love his Dad already has for him as well.  

Congratulations to this sweet couple on their bouncing baby boy!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Itty Bitty Momma's- Carissa A.

Feb 01, 2012 | By

There is nothing more exciting in life than the addition of a new little angel to your family. When you share the stories of your little miracles with us, we feel such joy and excitement for you! The situation is certainly no different with our newest momma, Carissa. We were thrilled to death when she opened her registry with us, and can't wait to meet her sweet bundle!

The Algea Family

IBB: What is your favorite part of being pregnant?

CA: I love knowing that God is forming a tiny miracle inside of me. This baby was definitely prayed for and I am completely in awe of how God brings about new life. I also love feeling the baby's kicks and punches--he's an active little guy! All that movement definitely builds my anticipation to meet him and makes me wonder what his personality will be like.

IBB: What is your least favorite part of being pregnant?

CA: I have had a pretty easy pregnancy and tremendous support form my husband, so I honestly can't think of a least favorite symptom worth mentioning. I have had some aches and pains of course, but I absolutely love being pregnant and so the good outweighs the bad. I think the labor/delivery process might just be my least favorite part though!

IBB: What is one thing you wish you could tell your baby before he arrives?

CA: We love you more than you could ever imagine, but God loves you even more than that.

IBB: What is your nursery color scheme/theme?

CA: Three walls are painted a warm gray and one wall has thick column stripes in the same gray and light blue (thanks to my artistic husband!). We have a white, rod iron crib with gray and white bedding that sits along the striped wall. The rest of the room has mostly white furniture and a charcoal gray glider.

IBB: What has your husband most enjoyed during your pregnancy?

CA: The excitement that keeps building as we get closer and closer to the baby's due date. The bigger my belly gets, the more real it gets for him. Sometimes my husband tells me he just wishes the baby would hurry up and get here already!

Thanks so much for sharing, Carissa. We can't wait to say hello to your precious prince!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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