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Aden and Anais Skincare Products

May 02, 2014 | By
We just can’t sing Aden + Anais’ praises enough! With their passion for providing products that encompass all things safe and stylish, A+A is always at the top of our favorites list. Taking child safety one step further, past swaddles, blankets and burpy bibs, A+A offers a natural skin care collection for both baby and mommy. At Itty Bitty Bella, we have added new and exciting A+A product to our already existing amazing collection! And with all these being developed by a leading New York City dermatologist, your baby’s skin will be in the safest hands.

New For You

Aden + Anais does not forget about our mommies-to-be and our mommies who are already loving on their itty bitty ones. Carrying your baby is an incredible experience and one that you will remember for a life time, but at times this doesn’t mean you want to visually be reminded of the “love” left behind on your skin. The Stretch Mark Reducing Cream is made up of both shea butter, that keeps you moisturized, and natural grade-darutoside, a plant extract, that is clinically proven to help prevent new stretch marks and reduce the appearance of existing ones. After only 2 weeks of applying this product, you (and your eyes), will be amazed with the results!

New Bubbles Of Fun

Bath time and bubbles simple just fit together so nicely. You would so rarely have one without the other, just like peanut butter and jelly. A+A knows this to be true, so they created their brand new Bubble Bath in the sweet scent of Australian sandalwood. Combined together with a tear-free blend and pawpaw fruit, the mixture will moisturize while also protecting your child’s skin and eyes. Baby (and parents) are sure to have bubbles of fun while making bath time a favorite memory of the day. 

Been Carrying & Still Love

At Itty Bitty Bella, we have already been carrying many of the fabulous skincare products offered by Aden + Anais. And just in case you have forgotten how wonderful they are, here’s a little reminder in order of customer popularity:

Mum + Bub Lotion
Made with a natural, non-greasy formula. Perfect for baby and mommy. Leave a silky smooth finish.

Mum + Bub Hair & Body Wash
Safe for use on both baby and mommy, tear-free with the sweet scent of Australian sandalwood.

Mum + Bub Soothing Ointment
Can be used as a diaper ointment on baby and also on cuts and cracked skin on mommy. 

Laundry Detergent + Fabric Softener
Safe and effective for all members of the family. Sweet Australian sandalwood scent, without harsh chemicals. Gaining 32 washes from the detergent and 16 washes from the softener. 

Come by and stock your bath with all things A+A – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Stepping Into Spring Sale

Mar 11, 2014 | By

A Spectacular Spring Sale

Spring is approaching fast. And with warm weather and sunshine on your mind, it's only evident that you prepare for the dawn of the new season. 

To help celebrate those anxiously awaited steps into Spring, we're giving you 15% off our select Spring supremes this Wednesday- Saturday! 

From sensational swaddles and must have mealtime essentials to beloved bedding and superb seasonal clothing and shoes, there's a little something to assist you in gathering all sorts of necessities for your precious itty bitty.

Here's a look at just what special savings you'll find off select in-stock merchandise this week...

15% Off Clothing

children's clothing

With savings on popular brands like Kissy Kissy and Kickee Pants, you're sure to find an abundance of clothing to dress your little one in this Spring. The colorful new patterns and and adorable new styles are this season's most sought after trends that you most certainly don't want to miss.

15% Off Skip Hop

skip hop backpacks

This popular brand is full of must have items to collect for your baby or toddler. With playful zoo-characters and a selection of accessories from mealtime to bath time to school necessities, and much more, you're sure to find items to assist in all aspects of you and your little love's life. 

15% Off Sun San Sandals

We're bringing you kicks to help track your little love into the days of Summer by giving you our newest line of shoes, Sun Sans- the original saltwater sandals. These durable, long-lasting sandals are an adorable way to set out on the adventure of a new season. Available in a variety of colors and styles, there's a perfect trend for your little adventurer to step it in style with during all of the sunshine and warm weather.

15% Off Aden + Anais

easy swaddles

Our most popular line for your babies is here to comfortably meet all of you and your baby's precious needs. With various styles available in swaddles, blankets, bibs, crib sheets, and changing pad covers, plus a range of skin care products for both mom and baby, and many more select favorites to love, it's no wonder why Aden + Anais is our leading line for all things baby.  

15% Off Bedding & Pillows

infant bedding and pillows

Whether you're building a look for baby or redesigning for your growing toddler, our current selection of bedding and pillows is sure to withhold a piece to perfectly accent their bedroom or nursery. From shams and bumpers to decorative throw pillows and sheets, behold a beautiful bedding style to add an adorable characteristic to their beloved space. 

Here's to the perks of a new sunny season!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Noodle and Boo Skin Care Products

Jan 15, 2014 | By
For both baby and you there's Noodle & Boo! A luxury line of maternity and baby skin care products, designed to soothe, soften, and protect the most sensitive of skin. With full lines of hair care, bath care, and skin care, Noodle & Boo brings safe, nourishing delight to newborns, babies, and moms-to-be. 

For Your Little Who

Healthy skin makes for a happy baby! With Noodle & Boo you’re giving your little bundle the ultimate treatment in skin care. Both pediatrician and dermatologist tested, this hypoallergenic line uses natural moisturizers, nutrient-rich protein milk, and almond oil as key ingredients to keeping your baby smooth and soft. Here's a peek at Itty Bitty's favorite Noodle and Boo products for little ones. 

Moisturize and Protect

super soft baby lotion

Noodle & Boo's Super Soft Lotion is a go-to favorite for moms. It’s rich in Vitamin E and C and provides a natural formula for protecting and hydrating your little one's delicate skin. For extra dry and chapped skin there’s Baby Balm, an ultra thick cream, containing Calendula, safe for both the face and body. And don't forget your moisturizing Play-Day Sunscreen!

Bath Time Fun

Make the most out of bath time, with Extra Gentle Shampoo. This tear-free formula cleans your baby's hair, giving you a tear-free hair wash. With high moisture and low suds, it's designed to keep hair healthy and shiny. Also, enjoy a soap-free formula that cleans your baby without stripping the natural moisture with Soothing Bath Wash. And for sweet smiles and giggles during bath time, turn to Bouncing Baby Bubbles! 

For the Mom-To-Be

elasticity oil

Noodle & Boo also specializes in safe and soothing products for the soon-to-be mom! Itty Bitty's favorite product for mom is the Elasticity Oil. Containing Calendula extract to calm skin and grape seed oil to soothe it, this moisturizing formula protects against stretch marks, enhances skin elasticity, and eliminates a dry and itchy belly. 

For skin resiliency and restoration look no further!

Here's to smooth and healthy skin for moms and babies! 

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Christmas Clutter Contained

Jan 02, 2014 | By

Beep. Vrooom! Ding. Whoosh...goes the sounds of all your little one's new Christmas favorites, as they zip across your game room or kitchen floor. We know that Christmas fun is still very much under way at your busy abode!

Now that Santa has come and gone and all the presents have been unwrapped, do you find yourself wondering where all the new toys and trinkets are going to go? When it comes time to clean up the living room Lego world or the bedroom tea party, how will you ever find all of these new items a home? Not to worry, here is a look at some of our favorite organizers for you and your little ones. 

3 Sprouts Storage Bin

hippo storage bin

Whether it's action figures, games, stuffed animals, trucks, or blocks, these handy storage bins by 3 Sprouts are ready to hold whatever loot you need. With their sturdy canvas structure and cute, whimsical animal image, they make for ideal organizers to display in your child's bedroom or game room. However, they are small enough and easily totable should you need to store them away in a closet or under a large desk. 

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy

If only toys just stayed in bedrooms or play rooms! But as any parent knows, they manage to take over the bathroom, car, and probably grandma's house too. For these locations, the 3 Sprouts caddy makes for an excellent organizer option. The perfect, compact carrier to fit in between car seats or inside your bathroom closet. This fun caddy is ready to hold your child's favorite bath-time trinkets as well as their car-time coloring book and crayon set. 

Clear the Clutter

animal storage bins

Small enough to be stored out-of-sight, but cute enough to brighten up your kid-friendly spaces, let 3 Sprouts go to work for you! And don't stress about where all the fun is going to be stored. Let these adorable storage bins and caddies tidy up your home with a simple one-step set up.

Oh the joys of organizing the kiddos!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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