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It’s Easy Being Green with eco-kids!

Mar 17, 2015 | By

Eco-kids art supplies

Your Itty Bitty may not always eat their fruit and veggies, but at least they’ll have a blast playing with them with all-natural art supplies from eco-kids®! As a family-operated business, they live up to their slogan: creative play the natural way™.

You can engage your Itty Bitty in hands-on learning about protecting the Earth and the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, while knowing your little artist is safe from harsh chemicals and toxins. eco-kids® also works with eco-friendly companies around the country producing products from natural ingredients to creating unique packaging, so there’s no doubt they’re natural from the inside out! 



Made from plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts, this malleable dough is a safe alternative for play-dough fun! With ingredients like beets, blueberries, carrots, and purple sweet potatoes you can have peace-of-mind knowing that when your Itty Bitty inevitably tastes their creations, nothing toxic is going into their mouths. And in five earthy colors: yellow, orange, green, pink, and blue, creativity never looked so natural! Also available in Gluten-Free.

eco-finger paint™ and eco-brush set™

Finger Paints and Brush Set

Beautiful messes are a huge part of childhood. Creating hands-on masterpieces is a great way for your Itty Bitty to explore, and with eco-finger paint™, little hands can explore sensory play the natural way! Made from natural ingredients like carrots, spinach, red grape seed, and red cabbage, you can rest easy knowing your Itty Bitty Picasso is safe whether they paint a rainbow or themselves! 

And as any budding artist will tell you, the right tool makes all the difference when it comes to painting. Made from durable, natural materials like camel hair, recycled aluminum, and untreated white birch, your Itty Bitty will have the tools they need to create non-toxic, Earth-friendly masterpieces.



Designed to look like sea rocks found on the coast, eco-crayons™ are as equally eco-friendly as they are fun. The unique shape allows your Itty Bitty to use their whole hand, strengthening eye-hand coordination all-while creating beautiful works of art. Made from natural wax and mineral pigments, there’s no need to worry about harsh toxins on sensitive skin. Colors include eight earthy-tones of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black. 

eco-egg coloring kit™

eco-egg coloring kit

Just in time for Easter, the eco-egg coloring kit™ is the non-toxic, natural way to dye eggs. Made from natural and organic fruit, plant, and vegetable extracts, no harsh chemicals will stain you or your Itty Bitty’s hands. The kit comes with three primary color powder packs and a color chart for creating six custom colors. Your Itty Bitty will be able to “eggs”-press them self while learning to measure, mix colors, and follow directions! 

eco-art pad™

eco-art pad

No eco-friendly art supply collection would be complete without an eco-friendly art pad. The eco-art pad™ is made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and printed using soy ink. Each pad contains 50 sheets of bright, smooth paper, that pairs perfectly with eco-finger paint™ and eco-crayons™.  
Go green with eco-kids® and the Girls at Itty Bitty Bella!

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Love and Live the Beautiful Life: Gorgeous Organization

Jan 24, 2015 | By

Beautifully Organized...

Bella Vita, the beautiful life...and from that, came Itty Bitty Bella. From our name to the showroom and beyond, we don't just talk about the beautiful life, we give our customers a way to live it...even with little ones! We know living the beautiful life is more than beautiful things. It's also about inner order and peace, and let's face it, order inside our closets and drawers creates peace in our minds and hearts. Here are three beautiful things, all of which Stephanie uses for Baby Sage, to create gorgeous organization in your home.

3 Sprouts Storage Bins

3 Sprouts Storage Bins

Out of sight and out of mind...at least for the time being. These collapsible canvas bins feature adorable and colorful animals to store your kid's miscellany of toys, books, or laundry keeping their rooms clutter free and mom and dad at ease.

Lucy Darling Closet Organizers

Lucy Darling Closet Organizer

As fast as little ones grow, a baby's closet ranges from size newborn to 2T, and as often as they require costume changes, quickly snatching a sizable outfit from the closet is easier with these closet organizers by Lucy Darling. Simply hang and neatly divide all your baby's outfits by size using these whimsically designed dividers.

Logan & Lenora Wet + Dry Bags

Logan & Lenora Wet/Dry Bags

A day is full of surprises, especially with a baby in tow. For life's little wet accidents, these wet + dry bags by Logan & Lenora will change your life. Featuring beautifully designed cotton cloth on the outside and toxin-free, water-resistant lining on the inside, this bag is ready when you are.

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Creative Tales for Your Itty Bitty

Nov 17, 2014 | By

Story Lines Books: My Grandma is a Superhero

I always look forward to Wednesdays because it’s the one day a week that I get one-on-one time with my daughter, Vivien (4).  And if you know Vivi, you know that she has such an imagination!  She’s so creative, loves to paint and build things, and loves making up stories- oh the stories she has told others!

Vivi, Age 4Vivi, Age 4

My little budding artist, we have exhausted every handprint, footprint, painting, leaf-rubbing, bead-stringing project!  So, when we received the new “Story Lines” books at the store, I was beyond ecstatic!  Basically, Vivien would be able to illustrate her very own book, from cover to cover!  (We chose “Grandma is a Superhero”, since Grandparents Day was right around the corner).  She would be able to make her Mim into a cape-wearing, cookie baking, cat- rescuing super hero!

My Grandma is a Superhero Book

Each page has text at the top, leaving the rest of the blank page to create her illustration.  We have an arsenal of art supplies, so I readied her craft table with supplies and utensils and let her have at it!  Right now, she is obsessed with creating collages and using markers, so with the exception of a sticker or two, that’s what she used to create “Mim’s” book.  I read each page aloud to her and she went to work!   Of course, I offered suggestions to help her out every now and then, and those suggestions were completely rebuffed!  (It has to be HER idea!).  

Vivi's Storylines Creation

Storylines Children's Books

She was so proud to give her one-of-a-kind creation to her Grandmother!  We’ve already taken home “Dad Can Do Anything” for her dad's upcoming birthday.  I can’t wait to see her next little creation!


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Boo!! Adorable Costume Ideas for You...

Oct 18, 2014 | By
There’s no doubt about it—Halloween is just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids. We get to raid our kids’ Halloween buckets and dress our itty bitty’s in adorable costumes. Whether you’re the one who has been counting down the days until Halloween since September, or the one who will wait until Halloween Eve to start prepping, it’s never too early (or late) to start planning! If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further! Itty Bitty Bella has it pinned—on Pinterest! Check out our favorite costume ideas for Halloween on our Pinterest board and let the girls at Itty Bitty Bella help you put together a sweetly-spooktacular costume!

Halloween Costume Ideas

Once you have your itty bitty’s costume completed, we’d love to see your little one wearing it! Beginning October 20th, submit a photo of your sweet little one for the Itty Bitty Bella Halloween Costume Contest on our Facebook page, and a chance to win a $100 gift card to Itty Bitty Bella! Talk about a sweet treat! So get those cameras ready and “say cheese!” We can’t wait to see what inspired you!

Happy Costume Creating from the Girls at Itty Bitty Bella...

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