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Avoid the Tricks, Enjoy the Treats: A Guide to Safe Trick or Treating

Oct 28, 2013 | By
Whether you're walking around with a witch, ninja, Disney princess, or Batman, your main goal on Halloween is for your child to have both a safe and exciting trick or treating adventure. Amid all the candy and costumes, making it a night of limited frights and unlimited fun is the top priority for this kid-favorite holiday. So, to ensure that your Halloween is a safe one, here are some helpful trick or treating reminders for you and your little characters. 

Carefully Costumed

Image Courtesy of Reader's Digest

1. Try costumes on well ahead of time. A scraped up hand or knee is no way to start your child's night of fun and fantasy, so to avoid tripping accidents be sure to check that costumes fit properly and do not drag the ground. Give yourself plenty of time to hem or tape up extra long dresses or pant legs.  

2. Be aware of your child's accessories. Make sure mask eye holes are big enough for your child to see clearly out of. And don't be afraid to make holes bigger or cut extra holes for their mouth and nose, should there not be any. Better yet, try to opt for non-toxic face paint instead of a mask when you can. 

Also, be aware of swords, sabers, sticks, etc. that go along with your child's costume. Make sure they are flexible and without pointed edges, so they can't harm your child or other trick or treaters. 

3. Wear comfortable shoes! Lots of walking takes place on the spookiest holiday of the year, and nothing can make the night go from one of fun to one of fits faster than sore feet. Try to let kids wear their princess heels or clown shoes around the house before they leave, then put on sneakers or flats before trick or treating begins. 

Find out more about costume safety.

En Route and Ready

Download this app on your phone to always know where your child is.

4. Use crosswalks! There is never a more important time to avoid jay walking than during Halloween, when so many cars and kids are on the road. Only cross the street at crosswalks or corners, and make sure kids know not to cross between parked cars. Let this be a great opportunity to further teach your young one the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street.

5. Have a handy flashlight! This way your child stays both visible to drivers and other tricker treaters and can avoid tripping over any items left in yards, such as hoses or rakes. Check out Fright Night Flashlight, with its brightly-lit orange beam, or B-Lit, a crafty handsfree gadget that attaches to your child's costume or treat bag, for unique ways to make sure your kids stay well lit while also having fun!

6. Track your trick or treater. Make sure you always know where your costumed character is, even if you lose sight of them. Take a look at the Toddler Tag Locator by Brickhouse, for one easy option to consider for keeping up with your child. Furthermore, the Trick or Tracker application for your phone is also another way to make sure you know your child's whereabouts at all times.  

View more about safety on the trick or treating trail.

Tackling Treats

Image Courtesy of Parade

7. Know what your child is eating. Before you let your kids dig in to their loot, make sure you go through it first. Look to ensure that all candy is still in its original wrapping and has not been opened. Also, be sure to avoid any homemade treats given by folks you don't know. 

8. Serve a big dinner. Keep your witches and warlocks from going into a candy coma by feeding them a big, fulfilling dinner before trick or treating. Think about making their favorite dish, so they are more apt to eat a large portion. Hopefully this will help curb at least some of their candy cravings!

See other healthy trick or treating practices.

Other Trick or Treating Tidbits 

Image Courtesy of 5 Minutes for Mom

9. Treat bags matterAlthough your child may beg for the the light-up pumpkin trick or treat container, be sure to select one that is lightweight and not too long. Keep in mind candy is going to weigh down any bag, so it's important they have something their little bodies can carry around easily. A backpack is a great alternative to a candy bag. 

10. Have a plan...and stick to it! Make sure to plan out a route that gives your child plenty of time to trick or treat, but then wraps up with plenty of time left for he or she to unwind. Even the best superheros and warrior princesses needed a good night's rest after a fun night out!

Let the candy collecting commence!

A Creative and Crafty Shower

Sep 30, 2013 | By

Showered With Creativity

Grab your scissors, grab your paint! Whether you are the one being showered or the one throwing the party, have your guests using talents they didn't even know they had at your next baby shower! 

Here are some fun ideas for crafts to do in lieu of the normal silly and goofy shower games that we've all grown tired of. You and your guests can thank us later.

1.  ABC's
Help mom out with some really cute wall decor. Have everyone paint a wooden letter to create an ABC wall. Looks adorable in a nursery or a playroom for when they get a little older. 
2.  123's
Decorate and paint blank wooden blocks with numbers. Mom can use to fill up space in a nursery bookshelf or use as wall decor. Mommy-to-be can also use them to add some fun to her monthly photos of baby.
3.  Decorate a Onesie
Let all of the guests decorate onesies for the new mom. But instead of sending her home with 15 onesies covered with puff paint that she'll feel obligated to put her baby in, decorate one for every month of the baby's first year. This makes for really cute outfits in monthly "watch me grow" photos.

4.  Make a Quilt (shown in picture) 
If you have a talented seamstress in the group, send mom off with something she will treasure forever! Have everyone select their fabric, template and then design a square for a hand sewn quilt. Mom will think of you and this special event every time she pulls it out for tummy time!
5.  Create and sign a Book for Mommy
Each guest will write their best tidbit of advice for the new mommy-to-be. During those sleepless nights, dreaded witching hours and baby food catastrophes, Mom will be glad she has some wise words from the ones she admires the most.

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Wear Everywhere, Go Anywhere

May 22, 2013 | By

All new parents have received the warning -- when baby comes, your whole life changes. We know this is the truth to a certain extent, but one thing that doesn't change is that life stays busy and we remain on-the-go. For the busiest days and your most fun adventures, Ergo is ready to help you tote your babe from place to place in the most practical, convenient and comfortable way possible. The new travel collection from Ergobaby is a necessity for every busy mom and dad, and there are just way too many features on each one to keep us from loving it!

Ergobaby Carrier

Ergobaby Carrier

The sleek and modern design of the Ergo carrier makes it easy to transition from daytime errands to a special evening dinner. Its neutral colors and canvas construction make it both durable and stylish, and the interior is constructed from soft, 100% organic poplin to keep your babe  oh-so cozy no matter where the day takes the two of you. 

Ergobaby Carrier

How does it work?

The natural cradle position baby that Ergo holds baby in keeps him snug and secure  at all times. Each carrier is comfy for parents, too, with even weight distribution on the hips and shoulders and the availability of three carry positions (front, back and hip). Add the presence of adjustable shoulder straps and waist-belt, and you simply can't ask for a more versatile carrier. 

Now that we've covered the basics, you might wonder where to take Ergo. Well, that's easy! The Ergo carrier is perfect for daytime outings and errands such as the grocery store, the park, the zoo, a shopping day at the mall or a sporting event. 

Ergobaby Carrier

At night, consider taking Ergo to your favorite restaurant and let it help make the wait time a breeze as it takes a load off of your arms or eliminates the bulk of a stroller or carseat carrier. Ergo is also great for the airport for the same reasons- it's lightweight and keeps your hands free for all of your obligations!

Ergobaby Carrier

Yes, a new baby will change your life in all kinds of ways, but with an Ergo carrier your on-the-go lifestyle is one thing that can stay the same!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Fool-Proof Baby Proofing

Apr 22, 2013 | By
Like it or not, your itty bitty is growing. As much as we'd love to freeze time and have them stay small and cuddly forever, the months seem to fly and before you know it, your prince or princess is on the move. When crawling begins, your little one's movement becomes a major focus, and you'll find yourself on their heels to ensure safety, even in the most cozy home environment. Why not save yourself time and hassle and get the ball rolling on the baby proofing process? We've compiled some tips from the experts to make the transition as smooth as possible. After all, this is a time to celebrate the milestones that your baby is reaching!

Fool-Proof Baby Proofing Tips

Image courtesy of In This Wonderful Life

1. Ask the experts- Where better to find out the best ways to baby-proof your home than from other parents? This resource is the introductory course, giving tips and tricks for making your home safe for a traveling itty bitty through all of the ages and stages.
2. Plan and prioritize- An article and video on the eight important tips for baby-proofing can help make the process less of a headache. After all, this momentous occasion of your child becoming mobile should be celebrated, not stressed over!
3. Safety? Check!- If you've begun the childproofing process but aren't sure if everything is secure, take a look at this checklist. It breaks things down simply and helps you eliminate the obstacles with ease.
4. Household hazards- It's easy to overlook some of the biggest household hazards. Luckily, this list will keep you on the lookout for things that might trip up your itty bitty during their crawling and walking travels.

Hold on tight, Mom and Dad, and let the milestones begin!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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