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Beautiful Nursery Bedding On Sale

Jan 24, 2016 | By

Make Bedtime Beautiful

It may be the end of the month, but the best is yet to come! All Bella Notte and New Arrivals bedding (in-stock and special order!) are 20% off through the end of this week. Whether you’re a registered mama preparing her first nursery, or a loved one helping in the process, now is your time to pick up the softest luxury bedding in the industry. After all, doesn't your baby deserve the very best?

Bella Notte

Bella Notte Bedding

Known for their elegant designs and superior textiles, Bella Notte is the ultimate in luxury for your sweet baby. Your little one will snuggle in style with these pieces that are custom dyed to order. From ruffles and lace, to piping and pin-tucking, Bella Notte creates a luxurious and comfortable space for your baby to have the sweetest of dreams!

New Arrivals

New Arrivals Bedding

Classic design and delicate styles are the name of the game with bedding from New Arrivals. From bumper covers and blankets to pillows and pad covers, this fun, high-quality brand makes for a one-stop-shop for putting together the perfect nursery!

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Cold Weather Boredom Breakers for Kids

Jan 23, 2016 | By
We’re not fans of the cold, and if we had to make a guess, we’d say that you’re not either. But out of everyone, do you know who really can’t stand it the most? Our kiddos! Unless there are fluffy snowflakes tumbling from that cold winter sky, and a fantastic hill that’s just begging for a bright red sled, most of our Itty Bitties prefer to be tucked in where it’s warm, and we don’t blame them! The only problem? Sometimes the indoors can be, well…dull. Worry no longer. We have five of the best boredom buster activities that will keep even your most high energy tot entertained and happy. Turn off the television, and let’s get playing!

1. Build a Fort

Blanket FortImage courtesy of Mom.me

Little known fact, movies are 10x more enjoyable when watched from the inside of a blanket fort! A perfect activity to get little ones up and moving, building an indoor tent sparks the imagination and makes for hours of fun. Clear the space and grab that stash of older linens you’ve been meaning to toss, and play away!

2. Dance Contest

Kid's Dance ContestImage courtesy of Adriel Booker

 They have energy for days, and you’re itching for just a few minutes on the couch. Make it an hour, and declare yourself the judge of a dance contest! Pick a playlist of your favorite tunes, and set the rules. Give points based on originality, skill, or any other quirky talent that you see fit! Whether you host several rounds or only one, this activity will certainly put you in first place. 

3. Obstacle Course

Image courtesy of Naturally Estes

Do you have little spies on your hands? Treat them to a little “training” with an obstacle course! With painters tape, outline lanes around the house…whether you go up the stairs and around the corner, you can create real obstacles (shoeboxes, laundry piles, whatever you have on hand!), or have them use their imagination to avoid laser beams and imaginary foes!

4. Simon Says

Kid's Playing Simon SaysImage courtesy of Spectrum Pediatrics

It’s a classic for a reason, dear friends! A favorite across generations, this extremely fun and interactive game can keep little ones entertained for hours. Begin the game with them, and once they have the hang of the game after two or three rounds, leave them to it!

5. Puppet Shows

Paper Bag Puppet CraftImage courtesy of PBS Parents

Another oldie, but a goodie, this is a two part activity! To begin, pick up a pack of inexpensive brown lunch bags, and set out an array of craft materials for you little ones to create their characters. Once they’ve completed their creations, set up a puppet booth, whether it’s behind an old box, chair, or even your kitchen counter, and let them tell you a story with their new puppet pals!

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Make Little Spirits Bright: Top 5 Toys

Dec 15, 2015 | By
Top 5 toys

Drumroll, please! Announcing our top five toys for your precious tots and tykes. Whether you’re just seeking inspiration, or hoping to help out the man in the big red suit, Itty Bitty Bella is here to help you pick the perfect present for the favorite little ones in your life. 

Wonder Walker

Wonder Walker

A staple from one of our favorite brands, Hape, the Wonder Walker provides a sturdy base for pulling up, and a unique design that makes pushing a breeze. Moveable knobs, gears, and colorful balls turn it into a busy-box on wheels.

Green Toys Tea Set

Green Toys Tea Set

Tea time has never been this much fun! Little hosts can practice their manners, all while doing something great for the earth. Talk about green tea!

Pound and Tap Bench

pound and tap bench

For your musical babe, Hape’s Pound and Tap Bench is the perfect creative outlet to start cultivating their talent early! Pounding will send the colorful balls tinkling over the xylophone, or can be removed to play separately. 

Green Toys Tool Set

Green Toys Tool Set

No job is too big for the world's most environmentally friendly tool kit! Your little one will be all set to safely practice “helping” around the house, ideal for encouraging a generous spirit at an early age. 

Tickle Monster Book

Tickle Monster Book

Well on its way to becoming a beloved children’s classic, the Tickle Monster Book Kit is a darling item for turning the gift of reading into a sweet experience to share with your child. Presented in a charming gift box, and accompanied by tickle monster “paws”, you’ll be able to truly bring the story to life and share the joy of laughter. 

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Creating a Christmas Tradition...

Nov 23, 2014 | By

Christmas Star From Afar

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we often get lose sight of the reason for the season. Author (and mom) Natalie Ard decided to teach her children about that very first Christmas long ago in a fun new way... 

Christmas Star from Afar

 “The Christmas Star From Afar” encourages children to go on a hunt for their Star, similar to that of the Wise Men. Everyday the Star is hidden and the children participate in a fun hide-and-seek game to locate it. Once they have found their Star they move all Three Wise Men to its location. On Christmas morning the Three Wise Men reach their final destination when the Star is found at the stable with the newborn baby Jesus. The activity book includes a wooden Star, a full wooden nativity scene that matches the artwork of the book, and optional scripture to use throughout the month.

Star from Afar Characters

Start the Christmas season with this special new book for your family to enjoy by visiting Itty Bitty Bella and picking up your copy of "The Christmas Star from Afar!"

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