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The Not-so Traditional Easter Basket

Mar 30, 2012 | By

Here comes Peter Cotton tail, hopping down the bunny trail... That's right, it's just about that time again. Easter is upon us and we have a feeling that the Easter bunny is scrambling to find the perfect gifts for your special itty bitties baskets. How about helping the Easter bunny to spice things up a little this year? While the basket is always a favorite, we've found a new way to display the treats and toys brought to your special angels this Easter Sunday.

Easter Basket Idea - Bilibo Chair 

We'd like to introduce you to an innovative design in children's toys, the BIlibo chair. Available in a variety of bright spring colors, we think it's a great new twist on the traditional Easter basket. While the baskets typically go back into storage after the goodies are removed, the Bilibo chair's empty state is just the beginning of the many games and activities that  exist in its future. It is the perfect toy for exercising your child's vivid imagination, and can become anything from a chair to a baby doll carriage in the blink of any eye. Not sure how to present the Easter goodies inside it? We've filled a couple with our own goodies in case you need a little guidance!

Boy's Easter Chair

 Easter Basket Idea - Bilibo Chair

These are a few of our favorite things for filling your sweet gentleman's Easter chair: 

Jungly Tails Book

Like their Jelly Cat animal counterparts, these books pack the plushness of your child's favorite animals while stimulating their little brain with just the right tale for story time. Don't you just love the idea of mixing playtime with education?

Alligator Jelly Cat animal 

There is nothing fierce about this plush and friendly little alligator. It is the perfect companion for your little man's adventures, and will take him from playtime to nap time with ease. 

Boon Swig Sippy Cup

We focus on the importance of ergonomics in our daily practices, so why not do the same with our kids' day to day activities? This cup is not your ordinary sippy cup, my friend. It is built for fashion and function, and its lid can be mixed and matched for unique style on the go.

Ring Rattle 

From lovies to rattles, our friends at Angel Dear sure do know the meaning of comfort. This cute monkey rattle is soft enough to soothe your child when it's time to sleep, but fun enough to entertain them when it's time to play. Plus, it will be extra hard to put down something this cute!

Gray Chewbeads necklace

If your baby boy just can't keep his hands away from your statement necklaces, we've got just the solution for you. Chewbeads are so stylish that you'll never realize that they're a teething aid, too. Mix the gray necklace with your color blocked dresses or jeans and a tee for the warm spring months, and you'll be one stylish momma who won't have to worry about your favorite little one breaking your favorite necklace. (Additional colors also available!)

Swinkle Rattle

Say goodbye to the traditional rattle, and say hello to one that is both multipurpose and lots of fun. Constructed out of a soft plastic loop, it is an ideal tool for any little one in the teething stage. Wooden rings travel along the loop to create a natural rattle. See, simple can be extra fun!

Boon Squirt Spoon 

Eliminate diaper bag clutter with this one-stop shop for baby feeding. This forward-thinking spoon enables you to stock it with baby food and simply squeeze it to release the right portions to feed your precious baby. Never again will you have to worry about the mess of toting a jar of baby food with a separate spoon. How wonderful is that?

Aden and Anais Scrub washcloth set  

Made of 100% cotton, these soft washcloths are the perfect tool for getting your favorite little body squeaky clean. Decked out in fun patterns such as this one with orange fish, the colorful and lightweight material will make bath time much more enjoyable for all parties involved

Girl's Easter Chair

 Easter Basket Idea - Bilibo Chair

Easter Basket Idea - Bilibo Chair

Of course, your little princess will need her own girly surprises within her Easter chair. Here's what we came up with to please your sweet girl:

Baby Legs

Though the sun had made its appearance and the warmth of spring is upon us, there may still be an occasional chill from time to time. Keep her little legs warm in style with these cute and super-soft leg warmers. They are both stylish and cozy and will protect her from catching cold during the cool breezes.

Bla Bla doll

Whimsical and fun, this cute pink monkey will become your little princess' companion of choice in no time. Modeled after the traditional sock monkey, it is a stylish version of an old classic, sure to make her smile.

Livie and Luca sandals

Nothing is more special than the gift of style for your little fashionista. Why not begin her shoe collection now? These fantastic shoes are one of a kind, and with bright colors and flowers to deck out their leather structure, she'll be  voted "most fashionable" for sure.

Magnetic play kit

Give her a chance to explore her imagination with this new take on paper dolls. With multiple magnet-based scenes and figures to place on them, she will love the opportunity to pretend that she is creating delicious cupcakes in her kitchen or dressing up little people within a home.

Funky Ponytail Holders

Even little girls have bad hair days. Tame her wild 'do with these cute ponytail holders, available in bright colors featuring elements of nature such as cute birds and flowers. 

Snazzy Headbands

We have a feeling that your itty bitty darling is anything but ordinary. Thus, we're certain that she'll need a statement making hair accessory to compliment her cute spring outfits. These headbands, like their ponytail holding counterparts, are crafted from oversized felt flowers to create a fun and bright style of hair accessory that is anything but boring.

"I Can" Growth Chart Book

With positive words and an artistically colorful growth chart, you will be excited to track the growth of your littlest one. The chart comes ready to hang on your child's bedroom wall, and makes it super easy to track the changes as they transition from baby to toddler, toddler to child and beyond.

Happy Easter!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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A Tisket, A Tasket...

Burps and Spits

Feb 13, 2012 | By

Burping your baby and then cleaning up the sure-to-happen spits and spills is something you're probably very familiar with. All too familiar with, we're guessing. Since you can't prevent it and most definitely can't ignore it, let us help you get through it in style. 

Our new burp cloth bundles are absorbent, perfectly sized and, clearly very cute. Since there is no hiding from the daily messes, you might as well enjoy the means in which you use to clean them. Each burp cloth is generously sized (14 1/2" x 21") so you can easily wipe up even the biggest of messes. That also means it will adequately cover your shoulder, and save your shirt too.

Burp Cloth Bundles 

Two coordinating burp clothes come conveniently rolled and tied with a ribbon- perfect for gift giving! Additional wrapping isn't necessary, but turning down our complimentary wrapping is pretty hard...

These bundles would make the cutest Valentine's Day happy for a new mom!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella


Stroller Blankets, Burp Cloths, and Bibs--Oh My!

Dec 28, 2011 | By

One is necessary for keeping a little body warm and comfy when out on excursions with Mom. One keeps the shirt clean after burping, and one (attempts) to keep the tiniest ones tidy during mealtime. You've probably figured out the importance of the stroller blanket, burp cloth, and bib at this point in parenthood, but do you have the best possible versions of these? When we say best, we mean highest quality and most stylish, by the way. Dwell Studio's line of these three items achieve just that, and we're sure you'll want to add them to your collection of little tike essentials.

Stroller Blanket

dwell studio stroller blanket 

Since a stroller is a rather large purchase, we know you probably opted to keep its colors somewhat simple and neutral, right? Not to worry, simple and neutral can easily be made stylish with the touch of a unique stroller blanket. Choose from the variety of fun and colorful patterns, from owls and trees to funky florals, and you have an instant touch of flair. Plus, the ultra-plush 100% cotton and velour material will have your little one begging for a ride.

Burp Cloths

dwell studio burp cloths

Just like the blankets, Dwell Studio's line of burp cloths and bibs are the perfect touch of color and fun. The soft colors and touchable material are the perfect tool for pre and post mealtime. Each burp set contains two bibs and one cloth, all in coordinating colors and prints. The best part? They are completely machine washable and will prevent messes from making their way to your own clothing!

Achieving quality and style has never been easier. Trust us, your baby, stroller and shirt will thank us!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Birthday Gifts- Year 1

Oct 05, 2011 | By

It happens all the time. Mom, dad, grandma, friend or even just a carpool acquaintance comes by to select a gift. They're usually stumped, not for all the same reasons, but at some point everyone wants  a little guidance.

Over the next few weeks we'll break it down for you and answer the question we love to hear everyday: What's a great fit for a __ year old? This week we'll focus on a 1 year old. 

Here are our top 5 gift suggestions:

5. Puppy Tails Book

Puppy Tails Book Now that they're ready to dive in and discover the world around them, give them a gift that will allow them to explore textures, sounds and animals. Each puppy tail is a different textures, and when rubbed will make a different sound. If puppy's won't work there's also Kitty Tails and Pet Tails to keep them entertained and learning!

4. Zoo Plates and Bowls


They think they're ready to be just like the big kids, so let them give it a go with Skip Hop Zoo Plates and bowls. The adorable animals will keep their interest even if the meal doesn't!

3. Shoes


They're pulling up on furniture and maybe taking an awkward step or two, but you know that it's just a matter of time before they're running all over the place on their 2 wobbly legs! Outfit them in a comfy, supportive pair of shoes that will foster proper foot development and great style. 

2. Puzzles


Beginner chunky puzzles are perfect for little hands. The basic shapes and colors help them focus and complete each puzzle.

1. The Tickle Monster Kit

Tickle Monster Kit  The Tickle Monster Kit is our all-time favorite! Either you or the birthday girl/boy can put on the tickle gloves and tickle along with the Tickle Monster in the story. He has just landed on planet Earth...and he's out to tickle everyone just like they do on Planet Tickle!

Hopefully this helps to narrow down your choices, or gives you a good jumping off point to get out there and get your shopping done!

One year old's not what you're looking for? Don't worry, over the next few weeks we'll cover some more top birthday gifts!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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