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Bon Appetit, BÉABA!

Jul 19, 2015 | By

BÉABA is a worldwide leader in products for homemade baby food with safety, functionality, and ergonomics their goal for every BÉABA product. From baby food makers to other kitchen accessories for your little ones, here are our favorites by BÉABA. Bon appetit, baby!

BabyCook Pro2x

Babycook Pro2x

Used by baby Sage Singley herself, the Babycook Pro is an all-in-one baby food maker. Baby sends life into a tailspin and it's hard to spend more than 15 minutes on anything. This baby steam cooks, blends, or reheats in 15 minutes or less keeping mom and baby happy.



Beaba Multiportions is designed for freezing and storing a la carte foods for baby. These lightweight storage containers are freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. This is the perfect complement for Babycook, allowing you to make the freshest and best food for baby ahead of time.

Babycook Book

Babycook Book

Now let's bring it all together with the BÉABA cookbook. Filled with recipes to encourage tots to eat their fruits and veggies, it's 64 colorful and informative pages of delicious treats. Food-making Moms, rejoice! 

Portions Containers

Portions Containers

Portions food storage containers are perfect for storing, heating and freezing homemade baby food. Place them directly into Babycook's bowl for fast and easy defrosting or reheating with steam. Airtight and leak-proof lids ensure food stays fresh, and they are a snap to store! 

360° Spoon

360 Spoon

Designed with self-feeding toddlers in mind, the 360 spoon just looks cool. But it's so much more. The spoon is designed to rotate when held incorrectly to ensure it always remains right side up. Meaning more food where it belongs, in baby's tummy.
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Animals galore...New to the SkipHop Zoo

Jul 01, 2015 | By

SkipHop Backpacks

From the fields of fairy tales to the fields lining a country road, we have two new animals added to the SkipHop collection, the unicorn and the cow. Maybe your child is a princess in need of a pet unicorn or a cowboy itching to wrangle a cow. We've got the whole SkipHop collection available to fit your child's imaginative personality.

Mealtime Accessories

Cow Mealtime Set
Unicorn Mealtime Set

Bring playtime to mealtime as they and their critters share lunch between knightly quests or work on the farm. As far as their imaginations take them, their favorite critters ensure they're never without what they need, when they need it.

Washable Bibs

SkipHop Bibs

Not only do their favorite critters protect them on their adventures, but they protect their clothes, too, with a bib matching the rest of the set. Mealtime messiness has never been cuter!

Sippy Cups

SkipHop Cups

Boy, all that play makes a princess or a cowboy thirsty and their critters are right along to keep them hydrated minus the spills. Sipping on the go is a snap with these adorable cups!

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The Best Seat in the House Belongs to Your Itty Bitty

Jun 19, 2015 | By
Highchair life consists of first tastes, splattered messes, sweet giggles, and fierce cries. It’s one of the most important pieces of baby gear needed for your Itty Bitty to entertain and feed safely and comfortably—while being strong enough to last through the messiest years of childhood. 
Whether you’re looking for a modern, traditional, wooden, or hook-on chair, Itty Bitty Bella has made it easy to compare and choose the right highchair for your Itty Bitty and lifestyle. 

Joovy Hook

Joovy Hook

The Hook is the only one of its kind on the market today. Lightweight yet strong, and made for easy clean-ups after messes and spills. Portability and efficiency are key features of the Hook—saving space at home while easily collapsing to fit into a diaper bag for those on-the-go adventures.

OXO Sprout

OXO Sprout

This award-winning chair features three levels of seat height that grows with your sprouting Itty Bitty from a highchair to a youth chair. The sleek wood and size compliment any décor, while your Itty Bitty enjoys the comfort and versatility for years to come. 

Babyhome Taste

Babyhome Taste

Light. Polished. Comfortable. Words you don’t always hear when describing a highchair, but Babyhome Taste combines modern with traditional. Fast and easy compact folding means storing it is a cinch; with a fold-down method that requires no tools and little time. And with its lightweight design, moving it from room-to-room is effortless. 

Boon Flair

Boon Flair

When you don’t have any cracks or crevices for tiny crumbs to hide in, cleaning isn’t such a chore. The seat is cushioned with a removable foam pad, which means there’s no need to throw a fabric cover in the washer each time a sticky mess is made. The Boon Flair will become a favorite essential for your Itty Bitty with its no-fuss clean-up. 

So pull up a seat, and let the girls at Itty Bitty Bella help you find the perfect chair!

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Our Groovy Joovy Favorites

Jun 11, 2015 | By
At the corner of functional meets hip for the modern family, there's Joovy. It's baby care that's durable and oh-so-convenient for busy families on the go. So there's nowhere you don't go that baby can't go, too, and in ease and style. Joovy's brand is full products sure to be like a nanny in disguise. Check out a few of our new (and longtime) favorites from the baby gear geniuses at Joovy...

Loo Potty Chair

Joovy Loo

This is a new product to Itty Bitty Bella and we're excited to present it. Teaching your child to "go" is a daunting task, but so is the clean up that sometimes surrounds it. The Loo was designed at a world renowned university to limit spills ensuring ease of use and easy clean up.


Joovy Tricycoo

Introducing baby to their first tricycle as early as 18 months, the Tricycoo helps develop balance and coordination while offering parents peace of mind for baby's safety. As children age, the tricycoo can be altered to become a full-fledged tricycle pedaled and steered by baby alone.

Hook High Chair

Joovy Hook

How about your own highchair in a diaper bag? Impossible, you say? The Joovy Hook is a foldable highchair that hooks onto any table holding infants up to 37 pounds and easily fits in most diaper bags. It's comfortable made from deluxe leatherette that's easy to wipe clean.

Boob Bottles

Joovy Boob Bottle

Joovy Boob Bottle

This isn't just one of our favorites, but it's one of yours, too, as an Itty Bitty Bella bestseller. The bottle is designed to make it easy to transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and vice versa. It's patented CleanFlow Vent System ensures consistent milk flow and easy clean after feeding.

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