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Moms, Gear Up

Jun 23, 2014 | By

Sometimes, life’s a battlefield and motherhood is no exception. These top five items for your little one (or two or three) were chosen by our own troop of past registered moms, real-life mommies who understand what you need to gear up for those real-life moments only baby creates. From all-at-home to on-the-go these items will have mommy and baby marching to a new tune.

#1 Aden & Anais

aden and anais bamboo swaddle
Products from Aden and Anais are essential!  With everything from cotton muslin burpy bibs, organic swaddle blankets, to soft bamboo security blankets, Aden is surely to become one of your favorites for baby.

#2 Rockaroo

4 Moms, the company behind the trusted Mamaroo swing and Breeze playyard, have just unveiled their newest addition, the Rockaroo!  With 5 speeds, removeable toy balls, and a plug in for music, we are loving their version of the classic rocker.  View more details on the Rockaroo vs. Mamaroo

#3 Petunia Pickle Bottom

red petunia pickle bottom diaper bag

Made of exceptional quality, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags are super chic and known for their gorgeous patterns and prints!

#4 Nuna Sena

nuna sena playpen

One of the things that we love best about the Nuna Sena?  It's the only playyard with an upper bassinet that folds with the frame!  And, with it's unique zig-zag legs, you are able to open and close this playyard quickly and easily!

#5 Bella Notte and New Arrivals Bedding Collection

Bella Notte and New Arrivals bedding collections are very popular and have styles that fit most tastes. They offer beautiful fabric choices that speak to the heart of clean, crisp and easy on the eye. 

Helping You Sleep Before Baby-The Bump Nest

May 14, 2014 | By

There are a million and one things that are oh so fun and exciting about being an expectant mother. The cute growing belly, the pregnant glow, picking out names, preparing the nursery...and the list goes on. But, anyone who has ever been pregnant before knows that there can also be a (small) list of things that are not so fun and exciting. For most expecting mothers, lack of sleep or not being able to be comfortable while sleeping, is at the top of that sad list. For years, mommies with their growing bellies have used a wide range of tactics in the bed to help them get comfortable and sleep better. We'll here at Itty Bitty Bella, we have found the solution! We are so thrilled to announce that we are now carrying the Bump Nest pillow! 

bump nest pregnancy pillow Bump Nest Pillow in Golden Bloom

bump nest pillow Bump Nest pillow in Golden Scallop. U-Shape is great for cradling neck and shoulders while encouraging side sleep which is safest for both mom and baby. 

Bump Nest Pillows are the only therapeutic pregnancy pillows available with a patented seam-free inner curve that hugs your neck and shoulders. The cozy combination of materials also allows you to adjust it to your comfort - from head to toe and everywhere in between. Allowing both mommy and baby-to-be for feel safe, comfortable and natural. Bump Nest is an ultra-plush, supportive pregnancy pillow that, without a doubt, relieves the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, including Sciatica, Restless Leg Syndrome and lower back pain.

Choose To Your Heart's Desire

Bump Nest pillow shells are available in 9 exclusive colors and 3 pattern styles. As seen in the picture above, the options are a chevron in stone or honeysuckle, peacock in pacific or honeysuckle, scallop in golden or stone, bloom in golden or honeysuckle and then a beautiful pre white. Shells are completely removable and washable. And with so many precious colors and patterns, we think it's fun to get more then one!

Features at a Glance

* Shell is machine washable
* Weighs less than 6 pounds
* Filled with 100% polyester fiber
* Encourages side sleep
* Relieves aches and pains included in carrying a baby
* Shell in 65% polyester & 35% cotton 



Another incredible thing about this company is their desire to give-back. Each pillow that is crafted, leaves behind enough fabric scraps that are lovingly turned into one soft baby beanies and then donated to charitable partners. These partners include The Hope Venture and Stitches From The Heart. These organizations are helping reach little heads of little babies in countries like Africa and India. 

To be able to offer our a mommy-to-be's a avenue to sleep in such a way that lines up with doctor recommendations is a pure joy and honor for us. Please let us help you sleep better as you prepare for the arrival of your bundle of love. 

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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The Next Generation Is Here: The Orbitbaby G3 Travel System

Mar 25, 2014 | By
It’s no secret that Orbitbaby brings the world top-of-the-line travel gear for the up and coming babies. Their new collection most definitely soars to higher places then they’ve reached before! We are so thrilled to introduce to you the brand new G3 Travel System! 

orbit baby g3 stroller

The overarching question that we know soon-to-be parents will be asking is ‘how is the G3 different from the G2’? Well we are so glad you asked! Allow us to give you the detailed rundown of the recently updated changes in this superb stroller...

Stroller Base 

With the base, the overarching theme is efficiency! We know that strollers can cause much headache when operating it seems like more like maneuvering heavy machinery. Thankfully, this new stroller base comes with meaningful tweaks allowing parents to navigate everything handling to folding with much ease! 

Stroller Seat

orbit baby g3 stroller seat

Two words – upgraded fabric! All new G3 seats have been swapped out for certified ventilated interior fabric, providing a nice airy ride for your little cruiser. Need an added bonus? The new outer fabrics are more durable making quick on-the-go-wipe-ups a breeze!

We also love that baby is more stable with the G3, therefore not only will your little love be safer, but slumbering will come much easier. The added snack tray comes equip with a lid that makes keeping your little love's snacks contained both simple and fresh. Plus, the one handed adjustable foot rest is designed to lengthen as your child grows. All of these combined make for a win-win for all parents! 

shade colors of orbit g3

Available in 9 different color options: Raspberry, Teal, Blueberry, Mint, Peach, Red, Black, Slate and Khaki, the sunshade opens doors for mommy (and daddy) to add a personal touch of color. And to top things off, you no longer have to re-thread the harness by opening the back! 

Infant & Toddler Car Seats

(G3 Infant Car Seat on stroller)

Compared to the G2, these car seats are much more functional - with panels that snap with ease to the LATCH system that can be preformed one handed.  

orbit g3 toddler car seat
(G3 Toddler Car Seat)

Not to mention that both baby and toddler will fit more snug thanks to new shoulder pads.


The thought behind the new bassinet is simple – comfort! Keeping your itty bitty comfortable while you move around town is a necessity. 

orbit baby g3 bassinet

And with eliminating the harness while improving the mattress pad, Orbitbaby wants to ensure you’re going to see contentment written all you’re your precious one’s face. 

The Detailed Difference 

Among all else, Orbit Baby's new G3 Travel System is packed with several new features that make it the most sought after stroller for 2014. And to simplify all of it's intelligent improvements, we're giving you a brief overview of the detailed differences that have been made to the G3...

The Stroller Base

Improved Handling
Improved Braking
No-pump Tires
Comes in 2 Colors
More Storage Options
2 Cup Holders 
3-position Handlebar
Simplified Folding
Front Wheel Connection
Foam Grips

The Stroller Seat 

Ventilated Soft Fabric
Upgraded Luggage-grade Outer Fabric
More Stable Seat
Easy-swap, Improved Sunshade
Sleek Seat Back Harness
Quick Adjust, No-rethread Harness
Improved Snack Tray

Infant & Toddler Car Seats

Hard Plastic Cosmetic Panels
One-handed LATCH Belt Adjust
Velcro Rear Panel
Slimmer Shoulder Pads


Easier Loading for Baby
Optimized For Sleep 

The Orbit Baby G3 is a one of a kind stroller with a seat control allowing for 360 degrees of freedom. Making it stand out among all others as the only stroller that rotates and reclines it's seat control in just one motion. So, let us help you to perfectly put the pieces of your G3 system together, allowing you and baby to travel in style. 

Close to Your Heart- The Ergobaby Wrap

Mar 04, 2014 | By

A New Ergobaby Essential: The Wrap

At Itty Bitty Bella, we strive to bring you the finest commodity available for both you and baby. Ergobaby is known around the world for their ergonomic design that provides both safety and comfort. Because of that, we are proud to now carry the newest creation from our friends at Ergobaby- the wrap! Made with their soft premium 4D stretch material, the wrap allows for several carrying positions for babies from birth to 18 months old and is available in three color options: Pepper, Clay and Eucalyptus.

Perfect For Mommy (& Daddy)

ergobaby wrap in eucalyptus
(Ergobaby Wrap in Eucalyptus)

As a parent, there’s nothing greater then holding your baby close, knowing that they are safe in your arms. But parents also know that hours of holding a baby can be strenuous on your shoulders and back. Ergobaby understands this dilemma and offers you a solution. The wrap comfortably distributes your itty bitty’s weight across shoulders and hips, making wearing your baby for hours at a time very comfortable…not to mention the benefits it has on the hearts of parents to enjoy those precious snuggles! Plus, it allows you to tend to other aspects of life, such as an older child or a simple house hold chore, all with both arms free and still giving love to the little one.

Perfect For Baby

(Ergobaby Wrap in Pepper)

Finding the balance between baby’s comfort and safety can at times be a daunting task. But with the Ergobaby Wrap, your baby's neck and head are gently protected while also keeping them in the recommended round spine position, allowing baby to comfortably nestle and listen to the sweet tunes of their mommy's heartbeat. And as an added bonus, due to the frog-leg position that baby is comfortably seated in, a nursing mama can easily transition from snuggling baby to nursing baby, giving their baby the security of skin to skin contact. 

Growing As Baby Grows

ergobaby wrap in clay
(Ergobaby Wrap in Clay)

Aside from the perks of safety and comfort that it brings to both parents and baby, the Ergobaby Wrap is also a smart investment because you can begin using it the day your baby is born, and continue reaping it’s benefits for 18 months to come! Starting with the Newborn Basic Tie, that is safe for babies 6.5 – 11 lbs. Then moving up to the Basic Tie, which supports babies from 11 – 31 lbs. And finally the Hip Carry, that brings you all the way to 18 months of age. 

We sleep better at night knowing that our moms and dads are provided with the safest options for wrapping up their little ones with love, and the Ergobaby Wrap is a solution that certainly allows us to rest easy. 

Happy wrapping!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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