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Aden + Anais: Making All Your Dreams Come True

Feb 28, 2014 | By

The Adult Daydream Blanket

girl wrapped in blanket

It’s no secret that we adore all things Aden + Anais. From their snug-able swaddle blankets to their efficient burpy bibs, A+A products are a must have for babies and toddlers. Not to mention that every loving piece is made from some of the softest fabric in the world! And because of this, we are beyond ecstatic with the newest addition to the Aden + Anais family, the adult Daydream blanket, available in not one but two fabulous fabrics: A+A's classic, muslin cotton and the ever-so-silky soft, bamboo. Yes, it’s not just about the babies anymore! 

But before we take you into the world of admired adult accessories by Aden + Anais, let us remind you of what it was exactly that captured the hearts of you and your little bundle of joy the moment you discovered this beloved brand...

Why Muslin?

Aden + Anais creates their goods from one of the purest and most gentle fabrics in the world: muslin. The power behind this delicately-woven fabric is that  due to its woven perfection, it's both breathable and comfortable. And that's not all, muslin comes with a little hidden secret power – it gets better with age! Each wash uncovers a brand new layer of softness. How wonderful to obtain something that increases in value over time?

The Classic Daydream Blanket

aden + anais classic daydream blanket

Aden and Anais Classic style of the Daydream blanket is made up of four-layers of 100% muslin cotton and available in three patterns: Branch Out, Circle Dance, and Ocean Edge. And it's not just any ordinary throw. When fully laid out, this luxurious blanket is the perfect size of 60 inches by 72 inches, making it larger than a twin size bed! It's sure to become a family favorite for cozying up for movie night.

The Bamboo Daydream Blanket

The Bamboo style of the Daydream blanket offers you an even softer fabric option that's available in four styles: Veranda, Latticework, Makana, and Purely Plum. Made up of four-layers of silky rayon from bamboo fiber muslin, the price point for this throw leans slightly higher than the classic, but we promise there will be no disappointment! And like the classic, it also extends to 60 inches by 72 inches. Wrapping yourself in the plush fibers of the silky soft bamboo fabric is sure to be the perfect end to any day!

Aden + Anais are a household name at Itty Bitty Bella and we’re thrilled to have the Daydream Blanket join our family. We look forward to the Daydream Blanket making its debut in your home too!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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The ABC's of the Itty Bitty Bella Book Selection

Feb 18, 2014 | By
C. S. Lewis once said: 

“I can’t imagine a man enjoying a book and then only read it once...”

We couldn’t agree more! Books are meant to be read so many times you can nearly recite it by memory. Don’t we all love the spark we see in the eyes of a child when they sit down to read their favorite book? Or the excitement that springs from their mouths when they know the words on the next page before it has even been read to them? We are passionate about providing tales that can last a lifetime, stories that live on in the hearts of children and never get old. So with that in mind, we’d love to share with you just what adventurous stories we have to offer on our bookshelves...

One Stop Shop to Build Your Collection

Dr. Seuss 

dr seuss books

The Cat in the Hat, the first of 44 Dr. Seuss books, was published over 50 years ago but that lovable, fun-filled cat is still relevant to the hearts of many itty bitties today. We are proud to carry several of the timeless treasures written by the beloved Dr. Seuss. From learning to read to practicing their colors and numbers, generations of little ones have giggled (and grown!) with every page.

Fancy Nancy

Author, Jane O’Connor, writes about a larger-then-life mini-fashionista in her adorable assortment of Fancy Nancy books. With over 50 stories in this collection, we guarantee that your little diva will be swept away by miss Nancy’s adventures…and her radiant ruby slippers of course!

Llama Llama

llama llama books

How can you resist a little llama that loves his mama? Whether he is learning to share, home with mama or wearing his red pajamas, your family will wish to compile every copy in this collection. With ear catching rhymes and funny story lines, these tales are sure to become a family favorite. 

Not Just a One Hit Wonder, But Must Have Classics

Where The Wild Things Are

where the wild things are

Having sold over 19 million copies, this vintage tale of a boy and his fantasy is an essential for any family bookshelf. Story time will jump to new heights of imagination as you recite the journey Max takes into the jungle and encounters with the beast, best known as the ‘Wild Things’. At Itty Bitty Bella we love the magic found in the imagination of a child, and this book soars to the top of our list!

The Giving Tree

First published in 1964, this sweet story may seem simple at first glance, but there are so many little nuggets of life lessons that a child (and mommy and daddy) can glean from it’s pages. Teaching your itty bitties about loving nature and having gratitude for the blessings life brings…well, you just can’t put a price on that!

Join Our Book Punch Card Club!

After hearing all about the fabulous book selection we carry, we know you are chopping at the bit to get to the store and snag your itty bitty some new literature. And since we love to encourage family ready moments, we want to offer you a nifty little punch card that will reward you with 1 FREE book

The rules are simple: buy 10 books, get 1 book FREE! Come by and see us at Itty Bitty Bella and pick up your very own Book Punch Card.

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” – Maya Angelou

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella 

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Rockaroo by 4Moms - The Rocking Horse Reinvented

Feb 04, 2014 | By

They’ve done it again! The masterminds over at 4 Moms (the ones who brought us the MamaRoo and the Breeze) have just introduced their newest member of the family... The RockaRoo!

Why Rocka if you already Mama?

rockaroo by 4 moms

We know the question you might be asking is why? The MamaRoo already offers so many tricks of the trade for you and your little ones, why the RockaRoo? Though the MamaRoo offers five “parent like” motions that babies (and moms and dads) all over the world are quickly falling in love with, some parents were missing the simplicity of a the good old fashioned baby swing. Generations of upset little loves have succumb to the pleasant back and forth sway of rocking; that mysterious movement that works its power of persuasion over their little minds.

The Rockin’ Highlights

rockaroo seat options

The fabulous creators at 4 Moms took the baby swing, turned it upside down (literally), and gave us the RockaRoo! Equipped with a 5 speed setting, it's perfect for sleeping baby, screaming baby and all the many babies in between. The playful toy balls and nifty newborn insert are removable and most importantly, washable

And that's not all. Unlike the traditional baby swing, the footprint of the RockaRoo is smaller, taking up less floor space and therefore, minimizing clutter in your home. And like the MamaRoo, the RockaRoo comes with an MP3 plug-in, allowing you to have control over what their little ears are listening to.

Available in 3 seat fabric options: Multi Plush, Classic Grey & Silver Plush, each style is sure to compliment the pinkest princess to the bluest prince. 

Which Roo Should You Do?

Still finding it difficult to see the difference between the RockaRoo and the MamaRoo? As a helpful hint in deciphering just what makes each so special, and so different, we've created a handy chart allowing you to compare the two, making it all the more simple and easy to understand the specs of each..

The Mamaroo

The Rockaroo

5 unique "parent-like" motions 5 unique rocking speeds
MP3 plug-in & nature sounds MP3 plug-in
6 seat fabric options 3 seat fabric options
Newborn insert (reversible/washable) Newborn insert (washable)      
3 toy balls (reversible & washable) 3 toy balls (washable)
Weighs 14 lbs. Weighs 11.5 lbs.
Holds up to 25 lbs. 
Holds up to 25 lbs.
 34" H x 20" W x 24" D  27.5" H x 16.5" W x 29.6" D

So which is the better product? We believe the answer is both! The MamaRoo and the RockaRoo are both incredible products that deliver different levels of comfort for all babies. The answer to the question really breaks down to the preferences and needs of both you and baby.  Do they constantly need to be in slow motion or does faster repetitive movement sooth them better? How much space do you have in your home? What's your budget? And so on… 

Whether you go MamaRoo or RockaRoo, there's one thing we know for sure...your itty bitty will be swaying in style! And you will be overjoyed watching them learn and explore the world around them from their 4 Moms throne.

Buy it From Us - Get $30 Back

We want to show our appreciation to our customers! If you purchase your very own Rockaroo through our store, you will earn a $30 gift card to use towards other items in the store. Just mention this blog post! Call us at 901-457-7846 for a shipping quote, or email us at tweet@shopittybittybella.com

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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The Ultimate Lightweight (Diaper) Bag- Shift Sack by Bella Tunno

Jan 28, 2014 | By
We know that life with your little one brings on an all new kind of busy. Visits to grandma's house, doctor appointments, trips to the park, and play dates with friends are just a few of the stops that might keep you and your little adventurer on the go. 

But bringing along your littlest mate usually includes packing some extra loot, whether that's bottles, diapers, toys, or snacks. The last thing you need is a heavy bag weighing you down more. So, to help with toting around your daily necessities is the Bella Tunno Shift Sack, the ultimate lightweight bag for mom's on go. 

A Tote to Dote On

Bella Tunno Shift Sack

Finding the right bag to tote around your on-the-road essentials is key, and with the multi-purpose Shift Sack Bag you've found a friend! Made of lightweight, innovative material, you can take it anywhere and barely know it's there. Plus, with lots of room, two outside pockets, and two inside ones, it comes ready to keep you prepared and organized.

Superb durability is also a fantastic feature of the Shift Sack Bag. Accidentally leave your bag outside after playing in the sun, or spill some juice on it at the park? Not a problem, the Shift Sack Bag is water/stain/tear resistant, bacteria/mold/mildew resistant, and completely machine washable. So, live without fear of this gem getting ruined!

Furthermore, each Shift Sack Bag comes with an 11x 7.5 inch wristlet that can easily hold your credit cards, cash, phone, and keys. Perfect for taking on a quick errand. Then, when you're ready to put your bag away, this flexible tote folds up into the wristlet to allow for super easy storage!

Other Bag Bonuses

Don't need the diaper bag anymore? Finding bags with versatility is always treat, and this Shift Sack Bag is certainly one. This barely-there bag can easily carry around towels and sunscreen or weights and water bottles, to become your next beach or gym bag. 

Coming Soon...

New Shift Sack Bag Styles

Plus, as you've seen the Shift Sack Bag is anything but bland. Choose from bright, turquoise polka dots, a fun and funky, coral pattern, or the newest bags, that offer a vibrant, mustard yellow, and gleaming green, design to don and delight over!

Wherever you're going or whatever you're doing, let Bella Tunno's Shift Sack Bag come along to make life a breeze.

So long, heavy bags!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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