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Itty Bitty Bella is Seeking New Ownership

May 14, 2019 | By Claire Martin

A Big Announcement

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Did you ever play shop keeper as a child? Now is your opportunity! Bella Vita is excited to announce that Itty Bitty Bella is seeking new ownership. We fulfilled our dream of opening a children's boutique eight years ago and have loved every minute. As our family has grown with our business we have made the hard decision to move forward and pour ourselves into Bella Vita and The Back Room. We are looking for a great fit to continue to grow this already successful business. Thank you for taking the time to watch our video and our hope is that it reaches the right eyes and ears. Thank you all for your support! 
Stephanie & Brent Singley

For all sale inquires, please contact Brent Singley at questions@shopittybittybella.com

All of Sage's Favorites...On Sale!

Aug 25, 2015 | By
Sage Turns 1

Sage's first year has flown by so fast, we can hardly believe it! We're gearing up for a fabulous 1st Birthday with a special sale on all her favorite things! Each day, a new fun brand or item will be 15% off! From sassy SkipHop to cozy Aden + Anais and super-sweet clothing, this week will be full of birthday fun for everyone!

Wednesday: 15% Off Aden + Anais

Aden + Anais Bibs

Like most Itty Bitties, Sage loves ALL things Aden + Anais. She still sleeps in her Sleep Sack nightly, and the bibs and blankets are a favorite, too. Come see us Wednesday for 15% off all Aden + Anais!

Thursday: 15 % Off 3 Sprouts

3 Sprouts Lunch Box

Sage may be too young to organize her things, but mom and dad LOVE to store all her precious toys in the varying sizes of canvas storage bins and boxes! And these lunchboxes...oh, the cuteness! Sage has one of these ready for her first day of Mother's Day Out!

Friday: 15 % Off SkipHop

SkipHop Bibs

SkipHop Backpacks

Sage never dines without one of her SkipHop accessories! From these precious bibs to her new straw bottle cup, she loves all the darling animals in the zoo! Join us Friday for 15% off all in-stock SkipHop!

Saturday: 15 % Off Clothing

Kickee Pants Apparel

Sage loves to lounge in her Kickee Pants, and we know you'll love them, too! In honor of little Sage's love for a cute outfit, all full price clothing will be 15% off on Saturday!

Offer valid Wednesday, August 26- Saturday, August 29, and past purchases cannot be adjusted. Offer is valid on in-store merchandise only; some exclusions may apply. 

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Truly Beautiful Life: Happy 1/2 Birthday Sage!

Mar 05, 2015 | By

You know, there's something great about halves. A half full glass. A shared half of the last cookie. Halfway to a destination. Halves become even sweeter when they're won with a little bit of fight, patience, perseverance, and friendship. That's why we're pumped to celebrate Baby Sage's 1/2 Birthday in February.

Sage Singley-First 6 months

The struggle was real to get where we are today, a struggle we willingly shared with our faithful friends and customers. Everyone was so supportive along the way. Well, here we are...celebrating the first half of the rest of our beautiful Sage's life! May it be long and full of love and happiness.

Sage Singley-First 6 months

These first six months have flown by with rarely a complaint from either Brent or me. Perhaps it was our long struggle with infertility, but we haven't been stressed or frazzled with our first baby. We feel so blessed with her presence, we tend to just roll with the bumps along the way. That's not to say Sage doesn't play her part well, too. She's such an easy baby: happy, calm, and laid back. She sleeps peacefully through the night and rarely cries.

Sage Singley-First 6 months

She's sitting up and rolling over (always to the left) and one of her favorite things to do is pull up. We suspect she may skip crawling and go straight for walking. We'll see soon!

Sage Singley-First 6 months

At six months, she weighs in at a whopping 16 pounds (50th percentile for her age). Here are a couple of her other stats: 16.5" head (25th percentile) and 26" tall (50-75th percentile). She's a little go-getter who has Daddy wrapped around all 10 fingers and toes.

Sage Singley-First 6 months

We're excited she'll start eating foods this week. We'll cook all her baby food at home with our Baeba Babycook. We look forward to learning what her favorite (and not-so-favorite) foods will be!

The first six months have breezed by and all three of us couldn't be more thrilled. Happy 1/2 Birthday, our beautiful Sage! You're more loved and adored than you will ever know. This truly is the beautiful life. 

Some of Our Favorite Moments With Sage...

Sage Singley-First 6 months

Sage Singley-First 6 months

Sage Singley-First 6 months

Sage Singley-First 6 months

Sage Singley-First 6 months

Sage Singley-First 6 months

Sage Singley-First 6 months

Sage Singley-First 6 months

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2014: A Big Year For Itty Bitty Bella

Jan 31, 2015 | By

Everything about kids is new, new, new. New babies, new habits, new likes, new dislikes, new discoveries. Before we go full steam ahead into 2015, let's take a glimpse at 2014 and revel in just how far we've come. Some beautiful things happened thanks to amazing customers and wonderful employees and beautiful things are on the horizon.

1. The Arrival Of Our Very Own Itty Bitty

What's more beautiful than the birth of new life? Our own special one is no exception. Just thoughts of Baby Sage throughout 2014 made our days bright and hopes high. Now she's here and the newness has only just begun. Check out some of the sweet memories captured during her first days...

Sage Singley

Sage Singley

Sage Singley

Sage Singley

2. Itty Bitty Bella Turns 3

Last year we celebrated IBB's third birthday with hopes of many more years to go. Our birthday party was SO much fun, and we are already getting prepared for our 4th birthday party in March...Time flies when you're having FUN!

IBB 3rd Birthday

3. Kat Tackles Las Vegas Market

Market is a hectic experience even for veteran retailers...and even more exciting/crazy/tiresome when it's your first time! Our awesome store manager, Kat, got to experience it first hand...in Las Vegas! She did a great job snagging great new products for the store, and we are lucky to have her on our team!

IBB Vegas Market

IBB Vegas Market

4. Another Itty Bitty Baby Was Born

What's more beautiful than one new baby? Two new babies! Our sweet Carmen gave birth to Anneliese on December 15, 2014. Carmen's due date was supposed to be THIS year, but her sweet little girl had other plans...She joined the party a bit early, weighing in a 4lbs., 9 ozs., and she spent close to 6 weeks in the NICU. But all is well...Mom, Dad, and baby are settled in at home, enjoying their new life as a little family, and we are so happy for them!


5. We Registered 107 Itty Bitty Moms

Beyond our own two IBB babies born last year, we celebrated the birth of babies with new baby registries...a whopping 107! We are so thankful to help SO many expecting moms prepare for the arrival of their bundles of joy! All our registered moms get the royal treatment from Kat, and are instantly friends, rather than just customers. 

IBB Baby Registry

IBB Baby Registry

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