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Art for the Itty Bitty's

Jul 15, 2011 | By Cari Hale
There's a new addition at Itty Bitty Bella. Straight from the talented artist that created these masterpieces, we now have itty bitty versions to adorn your itty bitty's rooms!

Art Collection

Rocket Art
Expertly painted on unique wood blocks, each piece is one-of-a-kind and perfectly suited to the individual personalities of your little ones. We think they make fantastic additions to nursery's or bedrooms either in bookcases or wall mounted. They would be precious as part of a wall collage!

Now that you've seen the latest from Kelly, stop by and choose your favorite.

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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On the Go Favorites

Jul 13, 2011 | By Cari Hale
Planning any beach getaways this summer or simply headed to the neighborhood field to watch a junior league game? Don't forget to pack the GoPod for your little one to enjoy.

The GoPod is a portable play center for your growing little one. With four different  height adjustments, you can pack it anywhere for years to come. Each GoPod features a snack up, cup holder and four clip stations for toys. Our favorite feature, however, is the sleek design that allows it to fold up easily and slide into it's slim carrying case (just like those nifty lawn chairs we all have!).

The fantastic designers didn't stop at the GoPod though, they continued to develop our 2nd favorite "On the Go" product, too.  For all you nay-sayers that think napping on the go is not possible, we're here to tell you that yes, it's possible! Napping on the go can work and can be easy.

If you're thinking that we're going to tell you to fold up the pack n' play, wrestle it into the case and then shove it in the car wherever there's a spare corner (or spare trunk is more like it....) then you're totally wrong. That doesn't seem very efficient to us at all!

The PeaPod is just as clever as the GoPod, but instead it is a travel bed that fold up to about the size of a Frisbee. Forget the clunky, chunky pack n' plays, the PeaPod is your new best friend. Whether you're heading across town to a friends house or packing up to head on vacation, the PeaPod is your travel bed that is actually designed to travel.

Three different models each feature a different base pad. The first model is great for newborns, or for those who plan to use it at home, at the beach or other areas with a soft ground. It does not come with a mattress, but instead has a tent-like floor. The second version comes with a slim self-inflating mattress that is ideal for naps and great everyday comfort. The most luxurious is the blow up mattress (featured) that is great for hotel sleeping and long nights.

No matter which mattress version you choose, each tent has breathable mesh sides that allow you and your baby to see each other clearly. Roll down the cover if they're napping (as shown) so as not to distract them.

Any getaway be it short or long, close to home or across the world is made easy breezy with our favorite "on the go" products!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Said What?!

Jul 11, 2011 | By Cari Hale
Does that simple phrase cross your mind daily (if not several times a day?) There's total truth in the phrase "kids say the darnedest things", and we've got just the way for you to record it.

So often you think you'll remember it, or remember to jot it down when you get home. But let's be honest- you forget what they said last week, even last night, and whatever scrap of paper your wrote it on is long gone. Your good intentions are ready to get some help.

 Said What is the ideal journal book for you to record the sayings and doings of your little tots. Written by a local Memphian,  it also makes the perfect gift.

Record your child's age, the date, where you were, who was there and what they said/did. Each page is filled with unique and differently sized writing bubbles so you can easily record the pertinent information in a snap.

Hmmm...could we use this book for husbands and teens to?!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Bumbleride Strollers- The Ride of Your Life

Jul 09, 2011 | By Cari Hale
Yes, folks you read right. Bumbleride strollers are now available at Itty Bitty Bella. We've been listening, and although we still LOVE the UPPABaby (and you do to), there's nothing wrong with options...and a little healthy competition!

As a lightweight, urban jogging stroller Bumbleride takes the cake. They are not only durable, rugged and built to last, but they are absolutely works of art as well. From the sleek lines to the striking color combinations there's nothing not to love about Bumbleride.

The Indie is one of their best selling models. It's a basic, go to all-terrain stroller that is anything other than ordinary. Easily snap your infant carrier onto the stroller or lay your baby snugly in the stroller seat and you're off to the races.

Must-have features such as a quick full reclining seat, a SPF 45 sun canopy, and adjustable footrest ensures a happy, comfortable baby every time you use your Indie. (And lets face it, a happy, comfortable baby is a happy, comfortable momma!)

One feature we love that's just for you parents- an adjustable handlebar. Now you and your taller/shorter spouse can push the stroller with comfort and ease.

Expecting twins? Well congratulations! The Indie Twin encompasses all of the fantastic features of the Indie in a twin side-by-side stroller.

If a more compact umbrella stroller meets your needs, then consider the Bumbleride Flyer. All jazzed up, this is not your typical umbrella stroller. Our favorite feature- the rotating handlebar so you can have baby facing you or looking out into the world.

If you're looking to carry your infant in the Flyer you have two great options. You can attach your infant seat or use the Bumbleride Carrycot.  The carrycot easily attaches to the stroller seat/frame and allows your infant to by laying snug and secure.

Bumbleride has incredible head/neck support, which makes their strollers great for instant use after your baby comes. The Flite, a sister to the Flyer is a light, is a compact stroller that offers you everything you need, plus a little more. You can even attach an infant seat to it's slim frame.

They have already started to arrive, so come in and see them for yourself. We're so excited!!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella
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