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Wet Happens!

Jun 08, 2011 | By
Wet happens.
Spills happen.
Snacks happen.
Diapers happen.
Sippy cups happen.

So what's a mom to do? Let us help you out. Get a "Wet Happened" bag. They're ideal for everything from grapes to crackers, wet swim cloths to bottles and paci's.

This handy snack bag (7"x7") is ideal for diaper snacks, car snacks or school snacks. The inside is conveniently made from FDA approved, BPA-free, PVC lining. (Basically, it's safe, reusable, washable, and durable!) Send it in to school in your children's lunches to cut down on all the plastic bags that are just as easy to use, and the zippered top is just as secure.

Or, if you have more gear to carry that what fits in the snack bag you can upgrade to the larger bag (11"x14"). The zippered top and interior lining is just the same as the snack bag, only you can fit way more stuff! Try diapers and wipes, change of clothes, wet swimwear, bottles or sippy cups.

Don't think these are just for the kids, either. How about using them for your gym clothes, in the car, or for your snacks as you run errands (and kids!) everywhere!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Boon- Modern Products for Modern Babies

Jun 06, 2011 | By
Boon products are sleek, modern, practical and oh-so functional. There isn't a snazzy feature they haven't thought of to make your life with a baby easier. Thank goodness!

If this doesn't catch your eye, nothing will. Boon's Pedestal  Highchair with Pneumatic lift is exactly what you need to make mealtime pleasant. Easy up, easy down with a simple step on the orange button, removable tray (dishwasher safe!) and removable seating pad all make feeding your Itty Bitty's that much easier.

Need to move the highchair out of the way when you sweep? No worries, simply unlock the foot break and the chair glides on wheels. Lock it back up to keep baby in their place. How did we live without such convenience... we're not sure!!

The streamline design, modern appeal and one-piece plastic chair all make for a beautiful, functional highchair like we've never seen before.

Teaching kids to eat snacks, cereal or dinner from a bowl can be rather messy, wouldn't you agree? Luckily, Boon has a solution for that, too! The Catch Bowl has a sneaky little runway that extends towards your child to catch any food that trying to escape. The runaway food ends up back in the bowl, and ready for the next bowl-to-mouth attempt!

Oh, and another little secret: the bottom is a suction cup so it sticks to the table or highchair tray. No more experiments involving gravity.

It's no secret that hand-eye coordination in youngsters is not all that great. And for good reason, too, since they're still learning. Benders are fantastic spoons and forks that bend any which way so you can teach your little one to feed themselves. Bend the Benders at a sharper angle for younger children, and slowly straighten the angle as they get older and more comfortable with utensil feeding.

There you have it. All your motherhood woes have been solved...at least when it comes to feeding!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Love on Dad

Jun 03, 2011 | By
Father's Day is just around the corner, so don't forget to show dad all your love!

Kicky Pants bamboo coveralls and tee's are not only soft, comfy and perfect for summer, but they pay tribute to the best dad on Earth- yours!

They're only available leading up to Father's Day, so don't procrastinate. How about calling our good friends at Allison Rodgers Photography and getting some cute family photos with matching "DAD" tee's! It will be so much cuter than a "World's Best Golfer" coffee mug :)

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Itty Bitty Momma's- Debra W.

Jun 01, 2011 | By
We love having a baby registry! All of our 15+ momma's are so fun, excited and energetic (believe it or not!).  Whether they are first timers or seasoned experts, each of our Itty Bitty Bella Mom's have great advice, experiences, and memories to share.

We wanted to document these special moments and share them with you, since really, you're all Itty Bitty Bella Momma's!

(Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Peak Photography)

One of our June momma's is Debra. She and Brent are having their first baby- a sweet baby boy. She's due on June 14...but we'll see if she makes it!!

Debra had a few things to say about her first pregnancy, and we think you'll like what she has to say!

IBB: What is your most favorite part of being pregnant?
DW: My favorite part of being pregnant are all the smiles I get throughout the day. When people look at me there is always an automatic smile and it makes me feel good and special.

IBB: What's your most  hated part of pregnancy?
DW: The first 13 weeks were pretty tough. I was very sick and exhausted like I've never been exhausted before. A lot of people told me that the sicker you are, the healthier your baby is. It may or may not be true, but it helped :)

IBB: What is one thing you wish you could tell your baby before he arrives?
DW: I promise to do the best I can at being your mommy. I'm new at this!!

IBB: What is your nursery color scheme/theme?
DW: Neutral and light. I have light brown, green, yellow, and blue incorporated into everything.

IBB: What aspect of motherhood do you most look forward to?
DW: Loving this precious baby boy more than I have have ever loved anything in my entire life.

Thanks so much Debra! We all had a great time getting to know you a little better, and wish you the best of luck. We can't wait to meet the little man!

What questions would you ask if you could? Let us know and we'll get to our momma's for answers!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella
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