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Creative Games for Kids

May 11, 2011 | By
Schools almost out, and that means long summer days with the kids! Playing outside is always a plus, but sometimes it's just too hot, or perhaps even rainy. So what's a mom to do when your energetic little ones are trapped inside?

Put away the TV, the video games and computer games...it's time to get "old fashioned" and pull out the board games! It's not just about monopoly anymore, there are great new games that speak to today's trends, spark imaginations and inspire learning all along the way.

Board games, dominoes, flash cards, puzzles and matching games all give your kids a chance to practice cooperative play while expanding their minds at the same time. From 3 years and up you can have them entertained and learning at the same time!

The Tea Party Game and it's companion "Cupcake Game" are among our best selling items! Use the spinner to collect everything on your "recipe card" in order to bake the perfect cupcakes, or spin to collect all the items you will need for the most splendid tea party. Be careful, if you spin on rotten eggs or if a bee stings you, you will miss a turn!!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Original Art, Original Kids

May 09, 2011 | By
What better way to express your children's unique personalities than with unique, original wall art for their rooms. Creating their "nest" around their personalities, what they enjoy and what they cherish (at the time!) is a great way to foster inspiration and growth in your kids.

Our favorite original art for your kiddies comes directly to us from the talented artist herself. Hand painted on hand built wood blocks, each piece is a unique creation that will make you smile or warm your heart.

Art Display

Kelly, a Southern native herself, does a fantastic job at creating pieces that are individual, thought provoking and witty...just like your kids! From party birds to pony's, there is something special for each member of your family.

The best part? She does custom orders! Come by and put your kids names on them and select colors that fit your decor perfectly. It's one piece of art that your children will cherish well into their adult days!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

Chinese Gender Chart

May 06, 2011 | By
So, you just found our your pregnant. Congrats! The only downside is you have to wait until 20 weeks to find out the gender! We bet you're dying inside, trying to guess what it might be. People are probably sharing all sorts of wisdom with you- how you're carrying, what you're craving, if your morning sickness has acted up or not...and all sorts of other ways to guess your baby's gender.

Let us share our own words of wisdom: The Chinese Gender Chart. Legends have it that the chart was buried in a tomb outside of Beijing, China over 700 years ago. But the best part is it is said to be over 90% accurate. Pretty cool, right?

So just for fun, go check out the Chinese Gender Chart and see for yourself.

Do you believe it?

Was it right?

Let us know!!

ERGO Baby Carrier

May 05, 2011 | By
Baby wearing widely discussed these days. Besides your group of mom friends, there are organizations and committees that focus solely on baby wearing that you can be a part of.

One carrier that has set the bar high is ERGO Baby- an ergonomic carrier that is comfortable for both the baby and you. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised with the ergonomic design. All the weight from the carrier and the child is placed on your hips and around your mid-section, so you won't have should, neck or upper back pain even if you carry your baby all day long.  What a blessing!

The ERGO Baby carriers come in a wide variety of fabrics (including a breathable mesh and organic cotton) and patterns. Speaking of patterns, we have just been informed that Petunia Pickle Bottom has partnered with ERGO Baby to offer three of their adorable patterns on ERGO Baby carriers! We got a sneak peak of the new patterns and they look absolutely precious! You can catch a glimpse of them on our Facebook page. They will be ready to ship in June 2011.

Ergo Baby
ERGO Baby allows you to carry your child from birth up to approximately 40lbs. Depending on baby's age and your comfort, you can carry your child in three positions: a front carry, side carry, and a back carry. Detailed instructions are provided with each ERGO Baby carrier so you can become a pro at carrying your child in all different positions!

ERGO Baby carriers are machine washable and fully adjustable. You'll be grateful for that when your 5' self and your 6'5" husband want to take turns carrying the baby!

To give you an idea of just how easy it is the wear and adjust the ERGO Baby carrier, we've put together a quick video tutorial. Come by and see us anytime to try them out for yourself, and get a feel for the carry you like best.

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella
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