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An Itty Bitty Fairytale

Feb 02, 2011 | By
Once upon a time…

There once was a girl who had flights of fancy. She enjoyed the loveliest of all things and treasured each one for its beauty and uniqueness. She had big dreams and always wondered where the next one would carry her.

Lo and behold, along her journey she came upon a store named, aptly enough, Bella Vita—the Beautiful Life. It was the perfect way in which she could express her style and share her unique finds with those she loved.

Soon, people were traveling from far and wide to enjoy Bella Vita, and the girl was very happy for a very long time. But all the while an itty-bitty voice inside her kept saying that something was missing to complete this chapter in her story.

And what was that “something”? A new store for little ones—beautiful things for their growing, learning, playing, lovable lives. Unique, must-have things that could not be found anywhere nearby. And so, she began scouring the markets, searching for just the right items to put into this new store—beautiful little items for new babies and young children.

Lucky for us, that itty-bitty voice finally was given a name—on a storefront. And so the next chapter begins—Itty Bitty Bella

itty bitty bella

Ah, my friends, if life we’re only as carefree as this fairytale. (It’s the fairytale version of my life, I like to believe!) But then real life wouldn’t be nearly as bountiful and eventful—and what an event we have upcoming.

In early spring, the girls and I at Bella Vita are opening Itty Bitty Bella, a store for the “little beauties” in our lives. It will be located one store down from Bella Vita, in the shop south of Eclectic Eye. Plans are underway to open in March.

The name is in homage to the “itty bitties” we know and love, and to the art of creating beautiful environments where we will watch them play, learn, sleep, eat, smile, explore and grow.

Think classic with a splash of whimsy; quality with a smattering of fashionable fancy. Timeless yet adaptable. Itty Bitty Bella will offer endearing baby shower gifts, exclusive bedding, charming lamps, rugs, art, clothing that will hold up effortlessly, travel and on-the-go-gear, even jewelry for moms who might need a pick-me-up or affirmation every now and then.

Strollers by UPPA Baby and Peg Perego. Cribs by Corsican. Onesies by Kissy Kissy. And so much more. Most everything you could want—and wants for most everything (think gift “wants” and baby-shower registry!)—for your child’s room and life.

Itty Bitty Bella will go beyond the traditional baby and toddler boutique. We like to think of it as a fresh, crisp perspective on products that are already charming in of themselves. We promise, Itty Bitty Bella will have the same warm, enveloping feel as Bella Vita, just with a younger twist.

I guess fairytales really do have happy endings.

So tell your friends, family, even a stranger or two!—the girls and I at Bella Vita are expecting a new arrival this spring. Itty Bitty Bella, welcome to the family.

 - Stephanie