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Boy, Oh Boy!

Sep 04, 2012 | By

Guess what, girls. Now there’s a boy at Itty Bitty Bella.

Brent in his Germantown Studio/Office.

Although you probably won’t see Brent Singley too much in our stores, his contribution to Itty Bitty Bella is already obvious to us and soon, it will be to you too. Brent is our new technology guru, heading up our online marketing and behind-the-scenes-operations efforts.

He joined Itty Bitty Bella’s management team July 1 and hasn’t looked back—hasn’t had time. Out of his office/studio in Germantown, Brent’s been busy, photographing new inventory (arriving daily!) and adding even more to Itty Bitty Bella's blog and email marketing.

Brent is the all-things-technology guy who definitely makes things happen, namely taking our online presence, including our website, to the next level. And he’s certainly got the credentials for the job. Brent has worked for FedEx, International Paper and until recently, Hilton, where he was manager of information architecture and usability. In plain-speak, that meant he made sure all of Hilton’s sites ran optimally and were completely user-friendly.

 Image courtesy of Allison Rodgers Photography

Oh, have we mentioned he’s related to Stephanie? Yep, he’s her hubbie, so we’re bringing one more family member into the fold. And Brent already knows a thing or two about Itty Bitty Bella. Not only has he been Stephanie’s bedrock through, he’s spent countless nights and weekends photographing products, creating e-blasts, tweaking the website, helping search out (and haul!) product, and so much more.

It was natural that after several years of essentially working two full-time jobs—during the day at Hilton and at night for Itty Bitty Bella—he made the leap over to Itty Bitty Bella permanently.

Natural, maybe. Easy, not necessarily.

Brent admits he’s the self-appointed planner and likes to have things perfectly in place. He could have reviewed business and household financial forecasts for years and still not had the gumption to quit his day job.

But it was Stephanie’s prodding and Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech at Stanford (words of wisdom he thinks of often) that prompted him to say yes and begin the next chapter. (In case your curious, here’s the entire speech and one of Brent’s favorite parts: “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”)

We’re grateful Brent remembered that speech—and listened to his wife! They’re proving to be a great team, with Brent managing the online business, and Stephanie doing what she does best—staying focused on the next steps and leading the charge to ensure every customer finds a beautiful life within Itty Bitty Bella. 

So we’re starting a new chapter at both stores, but one critical question remains: How do we fit Brent into a girls group shot?

Welcome, Brent!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella