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For the Itty Bitty Wish List...

Dec 12, 2012 | By

It's no surprise that the little ones in your life loves opening a brand new toy. But when you really stop to look at the toys that are keeping them entertained, do they have value? Do they aid in the development of much needed skills that your itty bitty will use for the rest of their lives? We're here to change all of your previous notions of what constitutes a "fun" toy-- just in time to help Santa treat all of the good girls and boys on his list! 

Alphabet Abacus Alphabet Abacus- a fun matching game to teach your little ones the alphabet!

Itty Bitty Bella has just what your child is longing for to make their playtime both fun and productive. Each of our toys is geared at developing a child's motor skills, all the while inspiring an active imagination. Lucky for you, we have a few of our favorites (and your kids' favorites!) to share with you.



Automoblox are a great gift for the good little girl or boy in your life. The wooden cars are a modern take on the age-old, beloved race cars that keep your kids on the go for hours on end, thanks to the opportunity for them to be taken apart and rebuilt. This toy was created with three main benefits in mind for your child's learning and development: creative problem solving, fine motor skills and increase visio-spatial processing. This is way more than just a race car!

Kitchen Set

Kitchen Display

Every little princess deserves the ability to channel the budding domestic diva within! This kitchen set is perfect for prepping for tea parties with her special guests, and she'll feel just as important as Mom does after time spent in her very own kitchen. We think it's great practice for those future meals that she'll help you cook!

Tool Box

Tool Bench Display 

Your little man will be big and strong just like Dad thanks to the gift of his very own tool box. Complete with the necessary items such as a hammer and screwdriver, playtime with this kit will promote the fine tuning of his motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, it's tons of fun and will have his imagination in high gear!

Hug and Hides

Skip Hop Hug n' Hide- Owl

You'll never believe how much fun is packed into this plush little toy. Featuring your child's favorite snuggly animal friends, each toy not only contains the cuteness of a momma and her hidden baby, but it features up to ten hours worth of interactive activities. Good luck prying this guy out of your baby's little fingers!

Happy playing to your itty bitty this holiday season!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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