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Have Baby, Will Travel - Peg Perego Infant Seats

May 25, 2011 | By
There are plenty of infant seats on the market today, so how's a new mom to choose? Let us help narrow your search by introducing you to Peg Perego. Besides their beautiful, Italian design and luxurious fabrics, there are four key points that sets them apart from all of the other infant seats on the market.

In no particular order, here they are:

1. Side Impact Protection

Peg Perego Infant Seat
As you can tell, the support, structure and protection around your baby's head is like none other. Literally. There is no other infant seat that has as good side impact protection. Peg Perego invests many of their resources into researching the absolute best in safety, protection and comfort. Simply put, it's piece of mind as you're driving among less-than-cautious fellow drivers.

2. Made in Italy

Peg Perego Infant Seat
All Peg Perego infant seats are 100% made in Italy- from design to construction to final details. And if you know anything about Italians, you know they're all about quality!

3. No Re-Threading

Peg Perego Infant Seat

Peg Perego Infant Seat
When it's time to adjust the height of the straps, you won't have to worry about stressful threading. Most seats require you to completely un-thread or remove the straps and physically re-thread them into the different slots/positions. Peg Perego was thinking and designed a simple lever in the back of the seat. Simply pull up or down depending on the height your looking to achieve. The lever locks into place so you don't have to worry about it slipping while your child is in the seat.

4. Breathable Fabrics

Peg Perego Infant Seat
Definitely a plus during these Southern summers! Everywhere the baby comes in contact with is upholstered in plush, breathable fabric. No more sweaty babies!

Besides the 4 enticing reasons above, the 2011 Peg Perego color selection is  beautiful! Java, a beautiful combination of chocolate brown and a khaki with a contrasting pin stripe is among our favorites!

Happy (and safe!) travels!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella