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Hello Pello!

Aug 13, 2013 | By

We all enjoy lounging and relaxing after a hard day. If we are entitled to this kind of down time on the couch, shouldn't baby be able to enjoy the same kind of comfort, too? 

Pello Baby Pillow

Pello Baby Pillow

Fortunately for our little ones, the Pello was created with the epitome of comfort in mind. Think of it as a mini-sofa for the lounging pleasure of your prince or princess!

Use With Baby and Up to Growing Child

Unlike the typical baby floor pillow, Pello doesn't have an expiration date! Its size and shape enable it to grow and change with your itty bitty, making it just as usable for a baby as it is for a toddler or growing child. 

Features Many Benefits for Health & Development

Pello Baby Pillow

The distinctive donut shape with raised edges features many benefits for your child's health, growth and development, including reclining to reduce tummy problems and acid re-flux, an easy place to encourage tummy time strength building, and an ultra cuddly place for your child to read and play as they get older. 

Washable, Easily Transportable & Cute!

Pello Baby Pillow

Did we mention that Pello is washable, making it great for indoor or outdoor activity? It also features easy-to-grip handles, making transport to and from the grandparents' house easier than ever. As if all of these unique features weren't enough, the Pello also comes in a variety of cute and stylish patterns, keeping fashion at the forefront of the space in which it resides. 

Pello Baby Pillow

Throw out all of your old conceptions about pillows, people! The luxe and stylish Pello is here, ready for some snuggles from your precious little one!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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