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New Moves - mamaRoo infant seat

Sep 20, 2011 | By

When was the last time you held your baby and vibrated or held your baby and swung around? Odds are rarely, if ever. If infant chairs are about soothing and entertaining baby, isn't it about time for an infant chair that moves like you do?

 Hmm, got you thinking, don't we!

 mamaRoo Fabrics

As it turns out, there is a chair out there that moves like you do- the mamaRoo infant seat. Developed by doctors, designers, nurses and most importantly, parents, the mamaRoo moves just like you would if you were soothing your little one or enticing them to play and become roused.

mamaRoo Side View 

The developers behind mamaRoo used motion sensors to track how real moms and dads moved when holding and soothing their babies, and what they found was incredible. Moms and dads don't vibrate or swing. They sway and bounce.

 The motion sensor studies were used to create 5 movements that the mamaRoo can perform on demand- car ride (figure 8 motion), KangaRoo (up and down),  tree swing (high on the sides, low in the middle), rock-a-bye (low on the sides, high in the middle), and ocean wave (a big circle around).

 And while they were busy developing the motions, medical experts wanted the mamaRoo to move quick enough to stimulate the baby's inner ear, but parents wanted it to move slowly and soothe. Instead of choosing a winner and a loser, mamaRoo added even more technology and made the speeds adjustable. We love it!

It's obvious that mamaRoo has thought of everything. This last feature really takes the cake: let your baby groove while they  move. Plug your iPod into the mamaRoo base and voila! Music plays out of the speakers in the base for your baby (or you!) to enjoy. 

Come on in and try it out for yourself. We promise you won't be disappointed.

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella