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Rock-A-Bye Baby

Apr 05, 2011 | By
Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the expenses that come with having a new baby...especially since your baby is still 9 months away from entering the world?! You can take a little bit of comfort in knowing you're not alone, everyone feels that way, but no matter what we understand that it's still scary!

Now, more than ever before it's important to focus on quality, longevity, and investment. This baby, and maybe more to come, are going to be a part of your life for well...the rest of your life! The items you purchase now have the potential to grow with your children and stand the test of time. If you purchase correctly, that is.

While some nursery items are meant to be replaced or updated with each child, some items can be with your growing family for as long as you want. Chances are you'll tire of them long before they wear out or need replacing. Your rocker/glider chair is one of those items.

Invest now in a quality, well made rocker and you'll thank us later...at 4:00am. Countless times we have mother's come in and tell us about their rocker. They either bought one quickly without looking at the details and hate it now (squeaks when it rocks, shaky, hurts their back!) or we have mother's come choose our hand built, made in the USA rockers and love them.

The deep feather and down stuffed cushions, the plush back and arms, and the smooth glide all make early morning feedings that much better. Not to mention story time, cuddle time and eventually "grandmother time" more comfortable and enjoyable.

Are you thinking that you won't want the same upholstery for years to come? Well don't worry mom, we've got you covered. Each of our rockers come with 2 options: upholstered or slip covered. That's right- a slipcover. You can select the fabric, pattern and color you want at that very instant, and order a new slipcover (instead of an entirely new chair!) when you're ready for baby #2, or a move to the living room.

When it comes time to outfit your nursery, don't overlook the investment pieces. Do your homework and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Nursery furniture takes  a lot of wear and tear...make sure it's in it for the long haul!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella