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Summer Snack Ideas

Jun 11, 2013 | By

When school is out and summer time hits, a couple of things change in Mom's life. First, the kids will need a little more entertainment to keep them occupied during those daytime hours. Second, the family will probably be taking trips to take advantage of the summer vacation time. 

Both of these circumstances bring to mind one very important thing, something that is necessary in any event and activity that the family takes part in during the warmer months- snack time. In the spirit of all things convenient, it can seem so simple to grab pre-packaged snacks for the kids during the on-the-go summer months, but why not grab something that is both healthier and tastier for them? 

Not sure where to begin? Use our favorite summer snack ideas as a jumping off point, with the understanding that the possibilities are truly endless!

Our Favorite Summer Snacks

Image courtesy of Life in the Thrifty Lane

1. Sweet, salty and oh-so good- Apple pie is an American favorite, and so is popcorn. When those two combine, imagine the tasty treat that is in store for your kiddos!

2. Scrumptious on a stick - In a rush with no time for a sit-down breakfast? You'll love this breakfast version of the beloved summer skewer. It's as tasty and healthy as it is easy to create!

3. Road trip-ready munchies- Instead of settling for chips or candy at the gas station, pack your own snacks pre-road trip. This list of food is packaged and ready to take in the car, keeping your stop time at a minimum and your fun time at the destination top priority.

4. For the picky little taste buds- For the moms out there that are thinking how wonderful it would be to have your child welcome a healthy snack, don't worry, because we've found just what you've been looking for. With just the right amount of sweet and full of the apple sauce flavor that every child adores, these bites are easy to make, eat and take on any adventure.

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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