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ABC Kids Expo - What a Weekend!

Oct 04, 2011 | By

A couple of weeks ago Itty Bitty Bella packed up and went to Louisville, KY for the ABC Kids Expo. Sure, we've been to markets and trade shows before- every year, at least twice a year actually. But this one was totally different.

ABC Kids Expo 2011 

Instead of seeing a variety of products for home, self, children and adults, this show was entirely devoted to kids and babies. Every product we saw, every buyer there, was out to find the latest and greatest in children's accessories, gear, baby gifts, furniture, clothing....the list goes on. 

Skip Hop BoothThis was just one of the booths we toured this weekend. The entire building is full of rows and rows of these booths, each offering something new in the world of baby and kids!

At first, it was really quite overwhelming! As mentioned, we knew what markets were all about, but we were used to our particular markets we've been going to for years. This was a whole new show. Talk about product overload! Everything we saw pulled for our attention. We inspected each booth, each line to see if it was in fact the latest and greatest. We know our space at Itty Bitty Bella is limited to our four walls, so we knew that each and every item we chose to come back to the store with us had to be the best.


Stephanie Do we look a little tired?! It was a long (but exciting!) weekend.

We're ecstatic to announce that we conquered the ABC Kids Expo...and we'll be back to conquer it again year, after year, after year. Here's a sneak peak at the amazing products we found, and the ones that will be making their way to Itty Bitty Bella in the next few weeks!

Aden and Anais Crib SheetsAden and Anais now have crib sheets! They're made from the same muslin as their swaddle blankets, and let us tell you- they are fantastic. They make great baby gifts.

Skip HopLove all the new Skip Hop bathtime products. And as a side note...how cool is the bathtub!

mamaRoo Infant InsertThe new infant insert for the mamaRoo. They're on their way to Itty Bitty Bella!

Bumbleride Indie 2012Turquoise is the new color for Bumbleride 2012. It's still two toned, but more of a tone-on-tone rather than contrasting colors like we saw in the Seagrass 2011 (which is still available!).

Cheesecake Factory, Louisville, KYOf course we had to break for dinner...and why not at the Cheesecake Factory? There was still plenty of work to be done though, even over dinner.

We're so excited to get our cloth diaper lines in. Bummis, gDiaper and Bum Genius are all on their way. The information we received at each booth was priceless. Can't wait to pass it on to you!

 Chewbead Bracelets

Chewbead NecklacesChewbeads! Necklaces and bracelets that mom can wear, and baby can play with. They're great for teething, and not to mention distracting them while you're out and about.

Applique Onsies and ShirtsGowns, onesies and tee's are all available in this adorable line of applique apparel. Fall designs are set to arrive soon.

All of these fun additions are arriving at Itty Bitty Bella over the next few weeks, so stop by to keep up-to-date!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella