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You're Getting Sleepy...

Jun 15, 2011 | By
Or at least you hope! If you're having trouble getting your little one to sleep, then pay close attention. Our Itty Bitty Bella mom's swear by these life-saving sleep aides!

Children, especially babies, are soothed by soft, rhythmic sounds. Many experts (and mom's!) believe this is because that's exactly what baby heard for nine months in the womb. Makes sense, doesn't it! So when you take a stuffed animal and combine it with the sleepy sounds that babies love, you're left with one fantastic, kid-friendly product.

The Sleep Sheep and Giraffe are expertly disguised noise machines that attach to the outside of a crib, bed post or stroller to help soothe your little guy or gal into dreamland. Each animal is equipped with 4 different sound settings (water falls, rain, jungle noises, heartbeat, etc.) and two timer settings (up to 45 mins.). We love the volume dial, fully equipped with a wide range of options!

The Nap Nanny will soon be your best friend. It's a portable recliner that features the softness of a blanket, the contour of an infant seat and maximum stability to help your baby rest peacefully. Not only is it great or sleeping, you can feed your baby his/her bottle while they are strapped in or they can play and relax.

Weighing in at only 3 pounds, the Nap Nanny can travel around the house so you can get chores done while keeping your baby close. Some mom's believe that the delicate angle of the seat is great for babies with colic, and for those babies that don't enjoy sleeping flat.

Let your child drift off to sleep with their favorite lovey in hand. They're the perfect size for any age to cuddle against their cheek, and every child loves the soft, fuzzy blanket and smooth satin trim.

Ever heard of a WubbaNub? It's a pacifier and a plush toy in one. The medical grade silicone pacifier is securely attached to the plush toy to help the pacifier stay in your infants mouth, resulting in a peaceful sleep for the both of you. Expertly weighted, the plush toy is designed to hold the pacifier in your baby's mouth, just as you would have to do if it were 3:00am and it kept falling out! The plush toy also helps babies manipulate the pacifier themselves at a younger age since they have a larger surface area to work with.

Give your sweet baby a nice place to sleep no matter where they are! Keep a Serena and Lily Moses Basket at your house or at Grandma's so there's always a place for them to nap when they need it most. The firm but comfortable mattress and well constructed sides will keep them safe, contained and snuggled in for a quick nap or a long night's sleep.

Sweet Dreams!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella