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Close to Your Heart- The Ergobaby Wrap

Mar 04, 2014 | By

A New Ergobaby Essential: The Wrap

At Itty Bitty Bella, we strive to bring you the finest commodity available for both you and baby. Ergobaby is known around the world for their ergonomic design that provides both safety and comfort. Because of that, we are proud to now carry the newest creation from our friends at Ergobaby- the wrap! Made with their soft premium 4D stretch material, the wrap allows for several carrying positions for babies from birth to 18 months old and is available in three color options: Pepper, Clay and Eucalyptus.

Perfect For Mommy (& Daddy)

ergobaby wrap in eucalyptus
(Ergobaby Wrap in Eucalyptus)

As a parent, there’s nothing greater then holding your baby close, knowing that they are safe in your arms. But parents also know that hours of holding a baby can be strenuous on your shoulders and back. Ergobaby understands this dilemma and offers you a solution. The wrap comfortably distributes your itty bitty’s weight across shoulders and hips, making wearing your baby for hours at a time very comfortable…not to mention the benefits it has on the hearts of parents to enjoy those precious snuggles! Plus, it allows you to tend to other aspects of life, such as an older child or a simple house hold chore, all with both arms free and still giving love to the little one.

Perfect For Baby

(Ergobaby Wrap in Pepper)

Finding the balance between baby’s comfort and safety can at times be a daunting task. But with the Ergobaby Wrap, your baby's neck and head are gently protected while also keeping them in the recommended round spine position, allowing baby to comfortably nestle and listen to the sweet tunes of their mommy's heartbeat. And as an added bonus, due to the frog-leg position that baby is comfortably seated in, a nursing mama can easily transition from snuggling baby to nursing baby, giving their baby the security of skin to skin contact. 

Growing As Baby Grows

ergobaby wrap in clay
(Ergobaby Wrap in Clay)

Aside from the perks of safety and comfort that it brings to both parents and baby, the Ergobaby Wrap is also a smart investment because you can begin using it the day your baby is born, and continue reaping it’s benefits for 18 months to come! Starting with the Newborn Basic Tie, that is safe for babies 6.5 – 11 lbs. Then moving up to the Basic Tie, which supports babies from 11 – 31 lbs. And finally the Hip Carry, that brings you all the way to 18 months of age. 

We sleep better at night knowing that our moms and dads are provided with the safest options for wrapping up their little ones with love, and the Ergobaby Wrap is a solution that certainly allows us to rest easy. 

Happy wrapping!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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