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Aden + Anais: Making All Your Dreams Come True

Feb 28, 2014 | By

The Adult Daydream Blanket

girl wrapped in blanket

It’s no secret that we adore all things Aden + Anais. From their snug-able swaddle blankets to their efficient burpy bibs, A+A products are a must have for babies and toddlers. Not to mention that every loving piece is made from some of the softest fabric in the world! And because of this, we are beyond ecstatic with the newest addition to the Aden + Anais family, the adult Daydream blanket, available in not one but two fabulous fabrics: A+A's classic, muslin cotton and the ever-so-silky soft, bamboo. Yes, it’s not just about the babies anymore! 

But before we take you into the world of admired adult accessories by Aden + Anais, let us remind you of what it was exactly that captured the hearts of you and your little bundle of joy the moment you discovered this beloved brand...

Why Muslin?

Aden + Anais creates their goods from one of the purest and most gentle fabrics in the world: muslin. The power behind this delicately-woven fabric is that  due to its woven perfection, it's both breathable and comfortable. And that's not all, muslin comes with a little hidden secret power – it gets better with age! Each wash uncovers a brand new layer of softness. How wonderful to obtain something that increases in value over time?

The Classic Daydream Blanket

aden + anais classic daydream blanket

Aden and Anais Classic style of the Daydream blanket is made up of four-layers of 100% muslin cotton and available in three patterns: Branch Out, Circle Dance, and Ocean Edge. And it's not just any ordinary throw. When fully laid out, this luxurious blanket is the perfect size of 60 inches by 72 inches, making it larger than a twin size bed! It's sure to become a family favorite for cozying up for movie night.

The Bamboo Daydream Blanket

The Bamboo style of the Daydream blanket offers you an even softer fabric option that's available in four styles: Veranda, Latticework, Makana, and Purely Plum. Made up of four-layers of silky rayon from bamboo fiber muslin, the price point for this throw leans slightly higher than the classic, but we promise there will be no disappointment! And like the classic, it also extends to 60 inches by 72 inches. Wrapping yourself in the plush fibers of the silky soft bamboo fabric is sure to be the perfect end to any day!

Aden + Anais are a household name at Itty Bitty Bella and we’re thrilled to have the Daydream Blanket join our family. We look forward to the Daydream Blanket making its debut in your home too!

-The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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