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Boo!! Adorable Costume Ideas for You...

Oct 18, 2014 | By Kelly Freeland
There’s no doubt about it—Halloween is just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids. We get to raid our kids’ Halloween buckets and dress our itty bitty’s in adorable costumes. Whether you’re the one who has been counting down the days until Halloween since September, or the one who will wait until Halloween Eve to start prepping, it’s never too early (or late) to start planning! If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further! Itty Bitty Bella has it pinned—on Pinterest! Check out our favorite costume ideas for Halloween on our Pinterest board and let the girls at Itty Bitty Bella help you put together a sweetly-spooktacular costume!

Halloween Costume Ideas

Once you have your itty bitty’s costume completed, we’d love to see your little one wearing it! Beginning October 20th, submit a photo of your sweet little one for the Itty Bitty Bella Halloween Costume Contest on our Facebook page, and a chance to win a $100 gift card to Itty Bitty Bella! Talk about a sweet treat! So get those cameras ready and “say cheese!” We can’t wait to see what inspired you!

Happy Costume Creating from the Girls at Itty Bitty Bella...

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Sweet Surroundings

Oct 16, 2014 | By Kelly Freeland

Your little one deserves the best, and Itty Bitty Bella can help! From furniture and bedding, to one-of-a-kind art and accessories, we can help you welcome you bundle of joy into the sweetest of surroundings! Neutral palettes and sweet pops of color will create the ideal space for your "Itty Bitty"! Check out our favorite picks for the perfect nursery...

Corsican Iron Crib

Corsican Iron Crib

This classic crib by Corsican is the perfect piece to build a timeless nursery around for your little one. No matter the style of your nursery, these handcrafted iron cribs are sure to shine as a true piece of art! With this kind of quality and style, what better tradition to start for your family?

Birdcage Mobiles

Birdcage handmade Mobiles

Create serene surroundings for your bundle of joy with these birdcage mobiles! Collect various sizes and color palettes of the soft sculptures for an artistic spin on the traditional mobile. You (and your little sweetie) will swoon over the soft stitches that make up these fairytale-like creations.

Bella Notte Bedding

Bella Notte Bedding

No nursery is complete without the soft textiles of Bella Notte Linens. Your little one will snuggle in style with these pieces that are custom dyed to order. From ruffles and lace, to piping and pintucking, Bella Notte creates a luxurious and comfortable space for your baby to have the sweetest of dreams!

Lily Chair by Best Slipcovers

Lily Chair by Best Slipcovers

With tons of amazing color and fabric options, this comfy glider is totally customizable--down to the skirt, which can be tailored or ruffled. The Lily is the perfect staple for your nursery, and it also has an ottoman option for extra comfort! The base of this chair will never be discontinued, so whether your second little bitty is a boy or a girl, you can simply switch the slipcover for a whole new look! Comfort has never been so fun!

Marcel Dresser by Redford House

Marcel Dresser

This sleek dresser by Redford House is such a stylish (and sensible) piece for your sweetie's new room. From wood finishing options to hardware, you can create the perfect style in your home with this dresser/changing table combo! Along with its effortless style, this versatile piece can easily grow with your little one as their look changes from nursery to toddler.

Sarah Robertson Art

Sarah Robertson Canvas Art

Sarah Robertson's original canvas art is a true statement piece in an room of your home, and her sweet children's pieces are no exception. Her playful palette brings sophistication and elegance to any nursery! View more of Sarah's work at Bella Vita

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A Playful Palette: New Sarah Robertson Art

Oct 14, 2014 | By Kelly Freeland

Instill a love of old fashioned, outdoor fun in your little cherub with these whimsical canvas paintings by Sarah Robertson. The exquisitely rich colors and textures boldly featured in these pieces are sure to create a beautiful focal point – where beauty and fun collide – in your child’s room. More about Sarah

Tea with Lovey

Sarah Robertson Canvas Art 36x36, $1250


Sarah Robertson Canvas Art 30x30, $695

Camp II

Sarah Robertson Canvas Art
30x30, $695

Conquering Las Vegas: Kat's First Market

Oct 11, 2014 | By Kelly Freeland

Ah, Market... In the past, so many things came to mind when I thought about my first market: a fun road trip with Steph; picking out tons of fun new things for the store: doing a little sightseeing?  Maybe eating at a few tasty restaurants?  The reality of Market is a little bit different...

After getting my things packed and the kids quietly tucked into bed, I got into bed about midnight, only to roll over and see that it was 4 am and time to rise and shine!  I was out the door by 5:15 and at the airport by 6 to catch my 6:55.  Confession: I have never traveled alone in all of my 33 years, but in all honesty, the airport and plane changes were a breeze.  As my boss Brent told me before I left, “Just follow the signs, Kat!”- He was right!

After a quick plane change in Dallas, I landed in Vegas a few minutes before 11 am! I  caught a cab and had the good fortune of having a pretty pleasant cab driver, Jeff (who happened to fall in love with my oh-so-charming southern accent). He told me a few sights that I had to see, and some good places to eat…  Nine minutes and $25 dollars later, I pulled up to Caesar’s Palace.  

I got checked in, emptied out my bags, and headed out at noon to find the nearest monorail station- which would take me anywhere that I needed to go along the strip.  Well, after searching for 20 minutes in the 90 degree heat, I finally had the good sense to ask someone where it was- right by my hotel, of course.  I purchased my 2 day ticket (which cost LESS than my cab fare from the airport to the hotel) and was on my way.

I knew that the Las Vegas convention center was big, but WOW!  I was trying to decide which end of the building to enter from.  I asked the front attendant, and she said either end!  The ABC show consisted of the ENTIRE building.  Ok, I can handle this!  I checked in, got my badge, and grabbed a map.  I wanted to "map out" where I needed to go first; I had several vendors that I definitely wanted to stop by to see first thing.  I got my map, opened it, and the map literally hit the floor.

After panicking for a moment, I started at one end and weaved my way through several booths.   Standing on the top step, you CAN NOT SEE where the convention center ends…it goes on and on for what seems like forever.  I flipped the map over and saw that the upstairs was identical in size.  Since Steph was not able to attend with me, Brent set up a Photo Stream- so all day I snapped pictures, sent descriptions, and texted updates on new product to both of them.  This worked out SO well; we were able to communicate all day long.  

After placing a good bit of orders and making my way through more than ½ of the first floor, I see that it’s 4 pm, I haven’t had lunch, and my phone is almost dead.  Luckily, one of my vendors had a charging station set up for people like me! I sat down, plugged in my phone (while being handed a latte), put my feet up, and mapped out the rest of what I needed to see from 4-6.  
At 7:30 pm I managed to make it back to my hotel room.  Steph texted, asking where I was headed for dinner... Seriously?  I was so exhausted, but managed to make myself somewhat presentable, and had a wonderful dinner on the patio at Serendipity, and was in bed by 9!

By day 2, I was an expert.  The cute shoes were packed back into my suitcase and I donned my Old Navy flip flops instead.  My tote bag was traded in for a backpack, and I hit the ground running non-stop from 9-5.   That evening, with the stress of market behind me, I wandered around Vegas, stopped by the Bellagio to see the fountains, which I have always wanted to see, and had an awesome dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast!  It was an amazing experience; BUT, I definitely have a newfound respect for Stephanie and the girls at Bella Vita.  Market isn't as "pretty" as it sounds, but I can’t wait to do it again next year!


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