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"It is fabulous. Love the brands, the design, the layout, etc. It is adorable!"

"Unique products. Good customer service. Pleasant atmosphere. Inviting window displays."

Our store features items and local artists like...

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  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Art & Wall Decor
  • Unique Clothing
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Video - ERGO Baby Wrap

Jul 16, 2014 | By Stephanie Singley

The latest baby essentials do make mommy and baby more comfortable and safe; that is once you learn how to use them. Skip the learning curve with this video tutorial on how to use the Ergobaby Wrap. The video covers how to put on and take off the wrap and how to secure your little one in a comfortable position close to your heart.

Cute and Curly Tops

Jul 11, 2014 | By Stephanie Singley

Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything cute and curly like these new arrivals, organic cotton headbands in a variety of hip designs starting at $21. Every mom knows her baby girl needs her own fashionable finishing touch. So start her fashion education off right topping off your baby sugar cake’s outfit with a pretty headband made especially for her.

sugar on top headband

sugar on top baby headband

cotton baby headband

baby bow headband

baby bow headband

baby bow headband

baby bow headband

baby bow headband

baby bow headband

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Moms, Gear Up

Jun 23, 2014 | By Brittany Johnson

Sometimes, life’s a battlefield and motherhood is no exception. These top five items for your little one (or two or three) were chosen by our own troop of past registered moms, real-life mommies who understand what you need to gear up for those real-life moments only baby creates. From all-at-home to on-the-go these items will have mommy and baby marching to a new tune.

#1 Aden & Anais

aden and anais bamboo swaddle
Products from Aden and Anais are essential!  With everything from cotton muslin burpy bibs, organic swaddle blankets, to soft bamboo security blankets, Aden is surely to become one of your favorites for baby.

#2 Rockaroo

4 Moms, the company behind the trusted Mamaroo swing and Breeze playyard, have just unveiled their newest addition, the Rockaroo!  With 5 speeds, removeable toy balls, and a plug in for music, we are loving their version of the classic rocker.  View more details on the Rockaroo vs. Mamaroo

#3 Petunia Pickle Bottom

red petunia pickle bottom diaper bag

Made of exceptional quality, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags are super chic and known for their gorgeous patterns and prints!

#4 Nuna Sena

nuna sena playpen

One of the things that we love best about the Nuna Sena?  It's the only playyard with an upper bassinet that folds with the frame!  And, with it's unique zig-zag legs, you are able to open and close this playyard quickly and easily!

#5 Bella Notte and New Arrivals Bedding Collection

Bella Notte and New Arrivals bedding collections are very popular and have styles that fit most tastes. They offer beautiful fabric choices that speak to the heart of clean, crisp and easy on the eye. 

Joovy: The Above All Feeding System

Jun 04, 2014 | By Missy Daniel

Whether you are trying to make the transition from breast to bottle, or dueling both feeding styles at the same time, it can be a discouraging and frustrating task, for mommy and baby...and daddy too! That's why we are so excited to have partnered up with Joovy! Their bottle feeding system along with all their amazing accessorizes are so innovative and like nothing we've seen before. We truly believe this new bottle system will bring ease and comfort to you and your baby during those feeding times that have so tricky and hard.

joovy bottles

Safety First

Not only will you be in comfort over the ease of these bottles, but you can rest assured that you're using the safest bottle on the market. Here are the many fabulous safety highlights:

*stands up to repeated sterilization
* BPA/Phthalate free
* will not absorb odor or color
* 1-Piece Clean Flow vent
* No need to touch any part of the bottle that comes in contact with milk or formula

The BOOB - Glass Bottle

joovy boob glass bottles

The Boob glass bottle is the best glass bottle on the market. The glass does not absorb odor, color or taste, making it the best material for your baby. And the glass in the bottle can withstand temperatures as high at 176 degrees F. 

The BOOB - PPSU Bottle

joovy ppsu bottles

The Boob plastic bottle is made of PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) an amorphous high performance thermoplastic offering better impact resistance and chemical resistance. Making it the safest plastic bottle around! As a bonus is is ergonomically designed to fit nicely in your hand.

Innovative Nipple Design

joovy nipples

These nipples have been designed with transition in mind. Transition from breast to bottle but also transition in growth stages on your baby. Joovy provides you with 5 flow stages so you can be sure that baby is getting the right flow rate at the right age. Those 5 flow stages are:

0 "Preemie" 0+ months
1 "Slow Flow" 0+ months
2 "Medium Flow" 3+ months
3 "Fast Flow" 6+ months
X-Cut "Extra Fast Flow" (for thicker fluids) 6+ months

So what is innovative you might ask? Well, the base of the nipple is a larger diameter then most, making it feel more like mommy. Joovy has also taken the extra step to bake their nipples after the hole has already been cut. This makes for nipple that will hold it's shape better and not collapse while baby is feeding, also making it more like mommy. 

The "Cleanflow" Vent System

joovy clean flow vent

One of Joovy's most innovative add-on's for your baby's Boob Bottles consists of four evenly dispersed gaps to secure proper venting, no matter how you hold the bottle. It is a must-have feature to reduce your baby's air intake, hindering the vacuum effects, and ultimately, lessening your little one's change of colic.

Breast Pump Adapter

breast pump adapter

Anyone who has used a breast pump, knows the headache of transferring milk and having additional containers to clean. Well, enter the Joovy Breast Pump Adapter! This adapter allows you to pump directly into your baby's glass and PPSU Joovy bottles, making for an easy and efficient pumping experience. And guess what? This pump adapter is compatible with most major breast pumps. Can't get any more convenient then that! 

Don't tackle the mountain of breast-to-bottle transitioning on your own. Come see us and let's get you and baby groovy with joovy!

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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